Salt Lake Christmas Tour………….. Week’s Peek


I do enjoy it when a tour family member shares their photos……….. these are from Gloria Leon who lives in Colorado. Good looking people, we genealogists!!

Jerry VanDuzer reports that he will be attending the NGS conference in Las Vegas…… look for him. And since I cannot attend, if YOU do, please get a photo of yourself with Jerry…….. and/or with any other “family” member you encounter, please? And send it to me, please?

Since I’m freshly back from Kauai, I learned (thanks to the card on my seat on Alaska Airlines) that eight islands comprise the Hawaiian Islands. Can you name them?  One island was new to me: Ni’ihau. This is the 7th largest of the eight islands, is 70 square miles and (2009) has a population of 130 mostly native Hawaiians. It is a privately owned island and called “The Forbidden Island” because you must be invited by a local to visit there. To me, the most remarkable thing about Ni’ihau (or Niihau) were the fantastically beautiful Ni’ihau Shell Lei necklaces. The Niihau shells are teeny and come in a range of pinkish to whitish colors and the ladies of Niihau gather them and form them into earrings, single-strand or many-strand necklaces. And the punch line here is that a necklace can cost up to $2000!  They are billed as works of art not just jewelry. Needless to say, I did not bring one home.  But I ask again, who can name the eight islands of Hawaii? Use Google to learn more about Niihau and these unique shells. And it is traditional to use cowrie shells for the clasp.


Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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