Genealogy at a Glance: Irish Genealogy Research

With so many Irish descendents living outside of Ireland, it is not surprising that Irish research is so popular amongst genealogists. There are plenty of books, though perhaps not enough to satisfy the advanced researcher, on researching Irish records. However, sometimes having a small compact guide is perfect for quick reference and fast help.

Genealogy at a Glance: Irish Genealogy Research, by Brian Mitchell was the first publication in the Genealogy at a Glance series. This issue covers a background to Irish immigration along with vital records sources and census returns. According to this guide, a major contribution to Irish immigration came during the 1820s with most emigrants leaving from three major provinces; Connaught, Munster, and Leinster. Most of the emigrants were Roman Catholic and under the age of 25. With a look at passenger lists, vital records resources, and per-twentieth century census returns, this guide has something for everyone.

Like many of the guides, this one begins with some quick facts relevant to the subject. Some Irish quick facts include:

  • Today, the population of Ireland stands at nearly 6 million people (4.23 million in the Republic of Ireland and 1.71 million in Northern Ireland)
  • An additional 3.5 million identify more specifically with scotch-Irish ancestry
  • 32.6 million Americans, nearly 12% of the population, claim Irish Ancestry

Like all the Genealogy At A Glance sheets, this guide is a four-page, full-color limited brochure meant to be easily stored and sized to take with you when conducting related research. In this guide, Humphrey provides plenty of additional tips and further references to please the most avid researcher.


Contents for this guide:

Quick Facts

Irish Emigration Background

  • The Scotch-Irish
  • Passenger Lists

Unlocking Irish Family History

  • Place of Origin
  • Surnames

Record Sources

  • Civil Registers of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
  • Church Registers of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials
  • Gravestone Inscriptions

Census Returns

  • Mid-19th-Century Griffith’s Valuation
  • Early 19th-Century Tithe Applotment Books
  • 17th- and 18th-Century Substitutes

Record Repositories

Other Online Resources


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