The Best from American Canals Number VI

From Erie to Panama, American Canals played a vital historical and economical role in the growth of the United States and cities throughout the country; especially, in the eastern states were canals were in use long before the iron horse came speeding along the industrial era.

In 1972 the American Canal Society was formed with the purpose “to encourage the preservation, restoration, interpretation and usage of the navigation canals of the United States, past and present.” From its beginnings, the society has produced the quarterly American Canals. The periodical provides information on North American canals and waterways, both past and present. Taking the best articles from years of publications, the society has created The Best From American Canals series. The Best From American Canals Number VI covers from 1991 to 1993 and is reviewed here.

Like volume V, VI offers plenty of historical information about the building and use of canals. There are also stories of restoration efforts, trips along the canals, and information on how the canals are used today. This volume also carries a number of book reviews. This publication allows the reader to quickly access information on one of America’s most historically critical infrastructures. The surprising part is just how enjoyable it is to delve into this, often missed, part of American history.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

A Visit to Lowell (Shank)
Lowell Mass: Restoring a City of Canals (Russell)
New Canal Boat Construction Index)
Gennessee Valley Canal Chronology (Kipp)
1792 Batteau Recreated
Adirondack Water: Lifeblood of Canals (Kipp)
National Recreational Trails Fund (Trout)
Encountering the Champlain (Cassai)
Pennsylvania Canal Society Tours Paw-Paw Tunnel (Shank)
Cruising the Waterways by Canoe (Shank)
Protecting the D&R Canal Park (Amon)
Joint New York and Penna. Canal Societies Field Trip (Russell)
Floating Elevator Transfers Grain to Steamer (Trout)
Trans-Jersey Ship Canal, A Dream Unfulfilled (Russell)
“Photos From Collection” Book Review (Frankel)
Mule-Power Force Analysis (Dzombak)
“Canals of New York State” Book Review (Frankel)
The Conewago Canal (Thomas)
Erie Canal Board Game (Dzombak)
“Story of American Canals” Book Review (Walton)
Touring the Union and Schuylkill Waterways (Shank)
British I.W.A. Visits the USA (Squires)
Glossary of Canal Terms (Droege)
A Long Stretch of Peace and Quiet (Johnson)
“Here and Now – Ohio’s Canals” Book Review (Mueller)
International Canal Conference, Harpers Ferry (Shank)
“Twenty-Five Mile to Nowhere” Book Review (Porter)
Reopening of Canal Hinges on Floodwall Gate
Erie Canal Improvement Board
The Zoar Feeder and Sidecut (Woods)
New Book on Alexandria Canal (Trout)
Defiance: Focal Point of Ohio History (Loomis)
Muskingum River Navigation Sesquicentennial (Ross)
Rehabilitation of the Schuylkill (Pa. Canal Society)
The Keweenaw Waterway, Then and Now (Ross)
“Marguerite II Work Underway” (CSO Newsletter)
American Petroleum Industry Born in Pa. Canal (Dzombak)
Canal Ghosts on the Ohio and Erie (Woods)
Ohio & Erie Canal Corridor Coalition (Turner)
The Arkansas Traveler Afloat (Ross)
“Floating West” Book Review (Walton)
Upper Fox River and Portage Historic Survey (Kleist)
Cuyahoga Recreation Area (Turner)
Wabash & Erie Yields Wooden Treasure (Schmidt)
A Cruise Across Michigan (Ross)
On the Richelieu & Chambly Canals (Meseck)
Mississippi River Museum Threatened (Spense)
Erie Canal guide Published (Kranz)
Gronauer Lock Update
Memphis to New Orleans on the Mississippi Queen (Shank)
C&O Canal Boat Trips (C&O Canal Assn.
“Spruce Goose Travels Thru’ Willamette Falls Locks (C.E.)
Illinois & Michigan Canl Book Review
Louisiana’s B and L Canal (Dzombak)
Cruising the Canadian Canals (Akers)
Ottawa Locks of Rideau Canal Refurbished (Russell)
“Retain, Record, Recover, Restore, Recreate” (Saunders)
“Across the Sahara by Steamer” (Trbovish)
New Jerseyans Tour Irish Canals (McKelvey)
Schuylkill Navigation Book Review (Zimmerman)
Main-Danube Canal Opens (Shank)
The Remarkable Corinth Canal (Russell)
Canadian Happenings (Phair)
Japan’s Biwa Canal – All Purpose Utilization (Thompson)
Journey on the Douro River in Portugal (Squires)
Romance on an English Cut (Saunders)
Montech Water Slope Revisited (Squires)
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