Going the Extra Mile With Someone Else’s Genealogy

The following excerpt is from an excellent article posted in the February 19, 2013 edition of the Deseret News.

“What a treasure trove!” I exclaimed. My client and I sat at the table going page by page through a three-ring binder he mysteriously received. It contained tons of important information about his family genealogy: vital records, migration maps, military records and other significant documents.

And to boot, the information pertained to several of his genealogy lines, not just one.

The client discovered it on his doorstep one day not long after he and his wife returned home from somewhere. “It seemed to come out of the clear blue,” he said. I asked him if it “felt like Christmas” when he discovered the book. He replied, “Yes … as a matter of fact!”

Measuring the thickness of the binder, it had documents in it that was more than 1.5-inches thick, not to mention some papers neatly folded into the side pockets. We were taking an inventory of the documents the binder contained and still in awe of how this book made it into his hands.

Read the full article.

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