Mocavo’s Family Tree Viewer

Mocavo has announced the addition of a Family Tree Viewer. The following is from their blog:

The viewer enables you to build a new family tree from scratch, and/or upload a GEDCOM file to your Mocavo profile. Once you have created or uploaded a family tree, you will then have access to an entirely new set of features that will further help you uncover the mystery of your family history.

With the new Family Tree Viewer you can:

  • Build multiple family trees
  • Create profile pages for each ancestor
  • Save discoveries to ancestor profile pages
  • Search for ancestors within your tree
  • Export your tree to a GEDCOM file
  • Set custom alerts for the ancestors in your tree

You can create or upload as many family trees as you would like. You can make your tree public (share your tree with the Mocavo Community to help others discover their family history) or keep it completely private (no one will be able to view, or search for your tree).

Read the full blog for more information.

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