Google Glass – the Next Big Thing for Genealogical Computing?

Joshua Topolsky, at The, got the opportunity to wear the Google Glass, and write an extended review about the product. A short time ago, this computer was just a crazy idea – the idea being that we would walk around wearing our computer much the same way we’d wear a simple pair of eyeglasses. Now it’s said we might be able to buy the Google Glass by the end of the year. This thing is currently meant to take the place of your smart phone, so it’s not a full-fledged computer, but a device that it looks to me is meant to run apps.

Already, the units that are being tested can take pictures and video upon voice command, and make directional GPS maps available to the eye without having to look away from where you’re going.

While reading Topolsky’s review, I couldn’t help but wonder what the genealogy applications might be. While wearing a Google Glass, we could certainly do the camera stuff – things like taking pictures of headstones, and video of the grandchildren. But how about having our family tree, group sheets, and pictures of grandpa or cousin Ezekial all available upon our voice command – without so much as a turn of the head? How about watching a home movie, made in the mid-1950s, complete with the family circle, most of whom have now passed on? And watching that home movie while riding the Front Runner into Salt Lake City for a bit of hands-on research at the Family History Library?

I know… I’m dreaming here… But remember, the Google Glass was just a dream a couple years ago…

Now go read Joshua Topolsky’s article at, and do some dreaming of your own.

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