Dr Kit Messham-Muir Joins Past Preservers

The following is from Nigel J Hetherington at Past Preservers:

CAIRO AND LONDON–30th January 2013–Past Preservers is proud to announce that our talented group of presenters at Past Preservers People has grown with the addition of Dr Kit Messham-Muir, a highly recognized art theorist and historian.

Currently, Kit is a Senior Lecturer in Art History at The University of Newcastle and Program Organizer of the Bachelor of Fine Art. In recent years, Kit has been recognized and rewarded for his inspiring and innovative teaching practices.

“I have a passion for teaching,” says Kit “I introduce ‘tactical ruptures’ into my lectures, to disrupt the flow and provoke students to think more actively. These are often videos made especially for the class, performances such as George Maciunas’s 1962 Fluxus piece, Solo for Violin, which involves destroying a violin with power tools, or changing into my pyjamas in a lecture on Surrealism. I’ve jumped out of a plane to demonstrate the role of fear in the Enlightenment notion of ‘the sublime’ and frequently travel the world collecting footage and interviews with artists, curators and critics for my students.” Watch Kit in action in the video, ‘The sublime’

Read further here-http://pastpreservers.blogspot.com/2013/01/past-preservers-latest-signing-takes.html

Author: Leland Meitzler

Leland K. Meitzler founded Heritage Quest in 1985, and has worked as Managing Editor of both Heritage Quest Magazine and The Genealogical Helper. He currently operates Family Roots Publishing Company (www.FamilyRootsPublishing.com), writes daily at GenealogyBlog.com, writes the weekly Genealogy Newsline, conducts the annual Salt Lake Christmas Tour to the Family History Library, and speaks nationally, having given over 2000 lectures since 1983.

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