Ice, Ice Everywhere…

It’s been an interesting day… As with a much of the USA, the Bountiful, Utah area has seen it’s share of lousy weather in the last several weeks. First, it snowed for about 3 days, accumulating near 20 inches at our house, then the temperatures dropped to zero (f) and have stayed in the single digits most of the time since… I’d say it’s been about two weeks of the cold. Today a slight storm came through, with the temperatures rising to 27 degrees or so – all the while sprinkling us with a light rain.

Since our warehouse is about 3 miles from our home, about 1 pm or so I decided to go get product to fill orders for FRPC that had come in today. I first had to sprinkle all the ice melt I had on hand between the front porch and the car, as I couldn’t stand up, let alone walk. Our poor lab, Tucker, couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t stand up either! I then broke up the ice covering the windshield and side windows, and attempted to back the Jeep up. Now, our driveway only has a very slight slope to it, but it was just enough to cause the car to slide sideways and get stuck in our own driveway. My daughter-in-law brought a couple bags of snow melt up and we melted, and dug and shoveled for about two and a half hours.

The car is now back on the driveway, Patty is still shoveling (see picture), and I’m going to wait until tomorrow before we do any shipping…

Needless to say, it was a bit unnerving to hear all the emergency sirens around town wailing as we were doing all that shoveling. I hope not many folks get badly hurt while attempting to drive in this stuff… There have been several near-misses right in front of our house.

One thought on “Ice, Ice Everywhere…

  1. Hi,
    Dosen’t sound like a very good day. While visting our son and his family in
    Alaska for Christmas we had a similar day, ending up on three wheels
    half-in-half out of the steep driveway. Fortunately a snow plow pulled us out,
    and we spent the rest of the day playing Twister and other family games. The
    nextday the ice melted and we went to a bookstore where our granddaughter showed
    us a cartoon collection cover showing a VW bug sitting on it’s roof in the
    driveway. A voice from the car said, “Are we out of the driveway yet?”

    Hope your ice melts soon!


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