Do the Right Thing…

The following excerpt is from a thought-provoking story written by Ken Krogue and published in the January 24, 2013 edtion of the Forbes website. It’s about honesty, doing the right thing, and decisions that were made at a little-known Utah company called Infobases. Infobases went on to buy a book-publishing company called Ancestry, Inc, and I guess most of you are familiar with the brand today…

I encourage my readers to click out to the Forbes website and read both pages of the article.

The year was 1992. I was the Marketing Director for Infobases, Inc.

Paul Allen and Dan Taggart owned the company, they later went on to found and is the cloud computing genealogy powerhouse that just passed the 2 million subscriber mark and added the 10th billion record to their database.

We were one of the very first electronic publishers using the Folio platform. We published the scriptures on computer and products like Famous Quotes, The Multimedia Family Bible, and the CD Sourcebook of American History.

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