Family Atlas

You can literally put your family history on the map using Family Atlas. Created by the folks at RootsMagic, Family Atlas is a fun way to graphically show your family’s history. By easily importing your genealogy from RootsMagic, Legacy, Family Tree Maker, or by GEDCOM file, you can create an interactive world map of your family history. This software package is a great add on to any genealogy database, allowing you to visually trace your family roots.

With Family Atlas you can pinpoint the location of important family events, trace your ancestor’s migration, publish your own customized maps and more. You can also add text, lines, photos, and more to your maps. You can automatically add markers based on your imported files or, you can place markers by hand without importing any data or to add to the data already added. Your imported data is automatically located against a database of 3.5 million location names included in the program.

The interactive map can be viewed as a globe or as a flat map. You can spin the globe and easily zoom in and out on any map. The more you zoom in the more details you see. Once you add any additional text, titles, or other customization, you can choose to print your map, save it as a .PDF file (Adobe Acrobat), or save as a number of standard image files. You can share your maps with family or even post them to a family website or include them in a family history book.

Using Family Atlas is about as easy as any program can be. Visually mapping your family’s history is entertaining but more importantly it is rewarding and educational. Seeing your families migrations, the proximity of relations and families that became joined by a marriage, the places family moved to and from for economic, religious, or other reasons all mapped out in front of you help the past become real. Maps add to the stories and history you already know.

Family Atlas is a great addition for any genealogist. You don’t have to have RootsMagic or any other genealogy database program to use this program. Having a family history program or having a GEDCOM file makes input easier and faster, but is not necessary.

If your are ready to map your family’s history, grab a copy of Family Atlas from Family Roots Publishing; Item #: RM06, Price: $29.35.

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