In Search of Your Asian Roots

There are not many book available on tracing Asian genealogies, and even fewer in the English language. This reason alone makes In Search of Your Asian Roots: Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames a unique book. Add to this, a long and diverse Chinese history and culture; plus, the existence of a significant Chinese population in the U.S. Many Chinese can trace their immigrant families back many generations. There are just not enough books on the subject of Asian genealogy, making any book a treasure to researchers.

In Search of Your Asian Roots is study on the most popular Chinese Surnames. The book is divided into three main chapters. Chapter 1 provides a history and general origin of Chinese surnames; along with, research on surnames in literature and historical reasons for changes in surnames. Chapter 2 gives an analysis of 622 surnames. These popular surnames were taken from Surnames of a Hundred Families (Pai chia hsing). The final chapter is an annotated bibliography provided in both English and Chinese. While research was expansive, this bibliography covers those printing; books, magazines, or other; that are readily available in the United State.

The author makes note that in writing the book the Wade-Giles system of romanization was used. The system is the same adopted by the Library of Congress for cataloging Chinese materials. The book offers a Pinying to Wade-Giles conversion Table in the introductory material. There are also a short Glossary and time table of Chinese history.

In all, this book reflects the translation and interpretation of almost 200 books of ancient Chinese literature. Many of these books can be found at Columbia University’s East Asian Library; the Harvard-Yenching Library at Harvard University; and, the Library of Congress.

Perhaps current and future demand will help drive the authoring of more Asian genealogical research and guides. For now, every book like In Search of Your Asian Roots can be considered a significant treasure.





Chronology of Chinese History

Pinying to Wade-Giles Conversion Table

1. History and Origin of Chinese Surnames

2. Genealogy of Chinese Surnames

3. Bibliography of Chinese Surnames

Chinese Language Publications

English Language Publications

Family Name Index

Stroke Number Index

Author and Title Index


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