Expands U.S. Vital Records Collections by 58 Million

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With the holidays behind us, it’s time to dig into finding more ancestors and is here to help. We recently added more than 58 million United States vital records. These 27 new collections contain birth, death, or marriage information from 21 states.

To learn more about these collections and to begin your search, please visit the Collections page.

Highlights Include:

Connecticut Town Marriage Records and Connecticut Town Death Records (popularly known as the Barbour Collection) cover pre-1870 marriages and deaths and are considered a standard Connecticut reference.

Georgia Death Records covers 1919 through 1998. Information includes the person’s name, birth date, death date, and place of death.

Indiana Marriage Records covers marriages from 1800 through 1941. This will be indispensable for researching your ancestors in the Hoosier State.

New Jersey Birth Index includes births from 1660 through 1931. Records vary in content, but could include not only the parents’ names, but also the names of the grandparents.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Death Index will help your research in a state that can be difficult. This collection contains deaths from 1803 through 1915. Depending on who gave the information, records could contain parents’ names, the spouse’s name, and place of burial.

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