Salt Lake Christmas Tour……… Week’s Peek

This is the view out my kitchen window this morning….. we have nearly a foot of the fluffy white stuff and it’s still coming down…… so it’s a grand day for some trivia!!

Did you know that the Arlington National Cemetery’s massive electronic database detailing the grave sites of the roughly 400,000 people buried there is now available online?  Thanks to a recent AP article in the newspaper, cemetery officials built the database over the last two years to verify the accuracy of their records brought into question by reports of misidentified graves. Prior to 2010, the cemetery used paper records and maps to track who is buried where. The website is:    Nice to know that our largest national cemetery has finally computerized their records!

It’s the time of year to catch a cold. How about this remedy from an 18th century parish register:  Take 2 grains Ippecuanha powder and 2 drops of Antimonial wine; stir into a little jelly and take every 3 hours. Or try 1 teaspoon of sweet spirit of nitre in thin gruel or warm water sweetened with sugar. Heck, I don’t even know what those things are! Think I’ll stick with orange juice and a fleecy blanket.

Paging through a magazine at the doctor’s office (a late 2012 magazine even) came upon an article for some bowls created in the size, color and shape of fruits and vegetables. Click to and see for yourself.  People are so creative!

A co-worker with me at our Family Search Center shift found this family on an 1892 census of Brooklyn, New York:  All born in Germany, Valentine and Elizabeth and their eleven children all bore the surname Chickenback. Aren’t you glad that’s not your family?

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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