Salt Lake Christmas Tour……………. Week’s Peek

It’s that time of year………. the time to be making New Year’s Resolutions. Some of our Christmas Tour “Family” have shared their resolutions with us:

Donna Heine is going to master using her new Samsung Galaxy Note. Jan Healy wants to master old German as spoken in Bern, Switzerland during the time she’s researching.  Cynthia Turk plans to attain her genealogy certification (and has already embarked on a plan to accomplish that). Carole Pursley say she plans to ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! ORGANIZE! Sue Mullins has four goals: learn more about Mike’s Basque Spanish families; “finish proofreading some research given to me,” “finish the book about my maternal grandfather,” and (she says) “computerize all my research!”  Worthy goals all.

As for me, my New Year’s Resolution is simple:  Throw away one thing a day. This could be from a drawer or a closet or from my office but something’s got to go every day. And I’ve already begun: today I cleaned out the ‘fridge and three piles of paper on my desk! Yahoo.

I’d still like to hear YOUR  New Year’s Resolution……….. care to share??


Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.


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