Salt Lake Christmas Tour…………….. Week’s Peek

Our 2012 (and 28th annual) Salt Lake Christmas Tour is now history and it was a most successful time had by all. On the last evening, at the Farewell Ice Cream Social, we asked for a show of hands of who had found at least one new generation and nearly every one of the 85 folks in the room raised their hand. Now that’s a successful tour (and reason for you fence-sitters to attend in 2013).

Lloyd Welker, who comes from Florida, was our Man of the Tour. Lloyd is a young 97 and was at breakfast every day, spent time in the library every day, and attended most of the evening activities every day. With help from Maureen (one of our staff helpers) he worked without Red Hot success on his family history problem but did not appear discouraged.  Thinking about Lloyd, and his dedication, I wonder what is my excuse (or yours?) for not being as diligent with family history as I might be?? If Lloyd can, I sure can and so can you!


Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next peek.

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