New York Essays: Resources for Genealogists in New York State Outside New York City

Over a four year period, starting in 2000, Marian S. Henry wrote a series of essays about New York that were posted on the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) website ( These essays proved a great resource to genealogists. New York Essays: Resources for Genealogist in New York State Outside New York City is a compendium of these articles, along with five which were never published on the NEHGS website. In all, there are 29 essays in this book, covering a range of topics of genealogical and historical interest.

The book contains a mix of historical essays and genealogical guides. Coverage of genealogical issues includes the “beginning of a New York state research genealogist’s toolbox,” with standard items like state census and finding aids. Four essays cover vital records research, with two more highlighting the importance of visiting local repositories.

Part II of the book looks deeper at local histories. Many of these essays focus of small groups such as the Palatines, the Welsh, and the French. Some essays focus on individual contributors to New York’s history. The Appendix offers a “genealogy of counties,” helping the reader know for when and where county records may be available. Illustrations, charts, and maps help provide visual references within the text.

New York Essays is an entertaining and enlightening mix of practical and historical information. Within these pages the reader can learn to both find their New York ancestors as well as gain an appreciation for the world in which they lived.

“Marian S. Henry is a scientist by training; she received a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She retired from the research Laboratories of the Eastman Kodak Company in 1999 after working there for over twenty years. She is especially interested in genealogical puzzles that involve ‘finding the ladies.’ A freelance calligrapher and a longtime member of NEHGS, Dr. Henry lives with her husband in Rochester, New York.”




Part I Records

  1. How to Find Primary Source in New York State: The Historical Documents Inventory
  2. Dutch Naming Practices in Colonial New York
  3. New York State Vital Records: The Legacy of Gertrude Audrey Barber
  4. Early vital Records of New York Sate: The Work of Fred Q. Bowman
  5. The Vosburgh Collection of New York Church Records
  6. An Easier Way to Obtain New York State Vital Records
  7. The Magee House: “Capital” of Genealogical Research in Steuben County New York
  8. Earliest Records of Western New York State
  9. Records of the Holland Land Company
  10. New York State Cemeteries: A Finding Aid
  11. State Census Record for New York
  12. The Union Preserved: A Guide to Civil War Records in the New York State Archives
  13. A Genealogist’s Use of Eyewitness Accounts of History
  14. Bounty Lands in the Military Tract in Post-Revolutionary War New York State
  15. County Historians for the State of New York
  16. New York State Council of Genealogical Organizations

Part II People and Places

  1. The Settlement of New York State
  2. The Phelps-Gorham Purchase
  3. Pioneer Settlement of the Pulteney Estate and the Morris Reserve
  4. The Development of Prattsburg, New York
  5. The Holland Purchase: Pioneer Settlements in Western New York State
  6. The Erie Canal: “Mother of Cities”
  7. The Brown Tract
  8. Early Palatine Families of New York
  9. Early Nineteenth-Century Welsh Immigrants in Upper New York State
  10. From France to New York: The Story of Three Sisters Named Marie
  11. Jemima Wilkinson, the Public Universal Friend
  12. The Oneida Community: A Utopian Experiment in Central New York State
  13. New York’s Failed Annexation of Vermont
  14. Appendix: New York Counties
  15. Index


New York Essays: Resources for Genealogist in New York State Outside New York City is available from Family Roots Publishing; Item #: NE01; Price: $17.59.

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