Destination Canada: A Genealogical Guide to Immigration Records

From the earliest colonial days on through the early 1900s, millions of Europeans migrated to America. Some migrations are famous for their size, such as the Irish during the famine, and Germans fleeing war and economic strife during the mid 1800s. However, an America destination did not always mean a landing in the United States. Canada was often the destination of emigration. Over the years, some moved south into the states and, likewise, other moved north. To help researchers with Canadian ties, trace their ancestral origins, Dave Obee has written Destination Canada: A Genealogical Guide to Immigration Records.

Expanded availability of records and ease of access has cause Obee to revise his book three time in nine years. The first publication of Destination Canada came in 2001 and, sat at just 44 pages. A 2004 revision brought 78 pages when he added information on Immigration Branch records and a bibliography. Updating for today’s resources, Obee rewrote Destination Canada, which now stands at 158 pages and covers in full Canadian migration.

Obee jumps right in with an explanation on the conditions experienced by many immigrants over the years. From there he expands on four centuries of Canadian migration. Covering naturalization, citizenship, Immigration Branch, and other records, this guide provides excellent information for the genealogist searching their Canadian ancestry.



  1. The immigration experience
  2. Four centuries of immigration
  3. A timeline of migration to Canada
  4. The key resources
  5. The early years
  6. Atlantic ports 1865-1935
  7. Pacific ports 1858-1935
  8. Through the United States
  9. Arrivals since 1935
  10. Outbound records
  11. Immigration Branch (RG76)
  12. Naturalization and citizenship
  13. Just passing through?
  14. Migration museums
  15. Additional sources




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Destination Canada: A Genealogical Guide to Immigration Records is available from Family Roots Publishing; Price: $29.35.

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