fhs-outsideThe Family History Store now has a brick and mortar location in Potlatch, Idaho. It has 3,000 square feet of items of interest to family historians and is located in the Potlatch Mall, a strip mall on the corner of 6th Street (Main Street) and Pine – next door to the U.S. Post Office.

The Family History Store currently carries all the items they sell on their website. Karen Calisterio tells me that they are moving to add as many new relevant products as they can without going out on a limb too much, given the economy. They are supplementing their product line with anything heirloom or family related. The Family History Store includes a framing department where they offer hand-finished heirloom quality frames with the convex glass. fhs-floorspaceThey offer all kinds of needlecraft supplies, scrapbooking, photo restoration and a custom imprinting section where they imprint images onto just about anything. Karen tells me that so far the community response has been great.

fhs-shelvingThey also have a small area of the store where they hold classes and are now offering free ‘Intro to Genealogy’ classes twice a week. Thus far, they are pulling in 2-6 students per class. As the weather continues to improve, those numbers will surely go up. They’re also working at adding a computer research center where they will have four computer workstations that customers can use to research online. Classes in scrapbooking, needlecrafts, digital imaging and photo restoration are also offered.

The Calisterios recently secured the lease on an additional 4,000 square foot space in the same strip mall where they will soon open The Family History Storefhs-forms Activity Center – coming in April of 2009. In this location they will be offering their regular classes and also holding seminars in genealogy, scrapbooking and other related interests. In the upcoming months they will be issuing a call for papers from presenters and lecturers interested in presenting there. Watch for an announcement on this blog.

Check out the Frames, Matboard & Convex Glass sold at The Family History Store.

Their address is: Kindred Trails, Inc, The Family History Store, 575 Pine Street, PO Box 625, Potlatch, ID 83855.