Family Diversity—Third and Final Volume

You never know where you will find a family reference, or important family historical data. Sometimes the best come from family histories written for others. Philip Oler was born somewhere in Germany in 1756 and died in Baltimore, Maryland, 1826. He was an early migrant, just slightly ahead of the the more well-know migration which happened between 1845 and 1860. During that period, approximately one million Germans fled with hope in their hearts for an opportunity denied them by circumstances in their homeland. Family Diversity, the Oler Family of Maryland with Allied Families Colley, Kennedy, Mason and Smith 1500 to 2011, Volume III, is the genealogies, the stories, the descendents and the ancestors of these immigrants. Produced as a family history by Nancy Lee Waters, the hundreds of names in this book represent not only the typical tale of German families from this time period, but also represents the ancestry of many times more descendents who hail from these immigrants.

“The volume traces the ancestry Charles Edward Oler back to his great, great grandfather. Phillip Oler as well as the history of his great grandmother, Charlotta Colley and her Welsh Heritage. The Kennedy’s are documented from his grandmother, Catherine Kennedy, back to Ireland. His mother’s Smith and Mason families are also included.”

The 640 surnames appearing in the book include:

Adams, Arndt, Baldwin, Beveridge, Billingsley, Bond, Bordeille, Borig, Brannaman,
Brough, Bride, Broglie, Brookman, Brushe, Burgett, Burnham, Cade, Caruso, Casey,
Cassell, Cawthorne, Childs, Chinea, Chisholm, Colley, Colliflower, Cooper, Crowley,
Cunningham, Dages, Deibel, Dickinson, Dill, Dillon, Donahue, Downs, Dunn, Eckhart,
Edmondson, Egli, Farrow, Fields, Fisher, Floyd, Fowler, Franklin, Fringer, Fuchs,
Gaule, Gerwig, Gilman, Godman, Green, Grice, Grimes, Hale, Hall, Hamer, Hamilton,
Hanly, Harris, Hausknecht, Head, Helfrich, Hock, Hohl, Holland, Horn, Hughes,
Huhn, Johnson, Jones, Joynes, Kahler, Keefer, Keene, Keith, Kenedy, Kennedy, Kerr,
Kilduff, Klausing, Knell, Kolb, Kuhlmann, Lange, Lapp, Lauer, Lauterbach, Lee, Loane,
Long, Mackie, Maihl, Marshall, Mason, Maxwell, McClelland, Mckewen, Mellon,
Miller, Nicholson, Oldfield, Oler, Ott, Owen, Parsons, Parton, Pauls, Pearce, Peyton,
Poland, Ports, Powell, Price, Rathell, Rein, Ritchey, Robinson, Roes, Rollison, Rullman,
Runk, Russell, Ruth, Scaggs, Schultze, Selig, Shipley, Shrigley, Sierck, Sipes, Smith,
Speake, Spicer, Sprinkle, Stankiewicz, Stansfield, Steck, Stephens, Stevens, Sullivan,
Swancott, Tanner, Thomas, Thompson, Tillsley, Turner, Vance, Wagner, Walburn,
Ward, Warfield, Waters, Watkins, Wheary, Wheat, White, Whitney, Whittington,
Wilkinson, Will, Williams, Wilson, Winneberger, Wooden.

Nancy Water Lauer is a researcher, lecturer, college instructor, and award-winning author. In addition to the tradition genealogical data for up to seven generation, the author includes her own personal annotations and brief histories.

Volume I of this series earned the author The 1997 Heart of America Genealogical Society Award of Excellence. Lauer also earned “the 2007 National Genealogical Society Writing Competition Award for Excellence: Genealogy and Family History for her second book, Family Diversity – The Lauer, Borgmeir, Bauer Familes – Deutschland to Baltimore, Maryland and the MacCubbin’s 1650-2006 Volume II. This book also earned the 2007 Maryland Historical Society Sumner a Paker Award, for the best genealogy of a Maryland family. Nancy was a second place winner, 2010 ISFHWE Category III – Original Research Story, and Third place winner of the 2008 ISFHWE Category III – Original Research Story as well as a finalist in the 2008 California Genealogical Society’s writing contest.


Table of Contents

List of Figures



Oler, Colley, Kennedy, Mason, and Smith Families

Name Variances

Oler Family

Philip Oler

Kennedy Family in Ireland

Richard Hanly

Families in Wales

Richard Whittington

Swancott Family in Wales

Savage Family in Wales

Hamer Family in Wales

Richard Hamer

Colley Family in Maryland

George Colley

Smith Family

James Henry Smith

Mason Family

Joseph Mason

Appendix A

Maryland Cemeteris

Saters Baptist Church

Appendix B

Peter Oler

Appendix C

Gold Rush to Poverty the Winfield Scott Oler Story

Appendix D

Mattie Smith Oler’s Bible Page of Births





Family Diversity, the Huhn, Pestorf, and Steck Families 1600 to 1996, Volume I is the first in a three volume in this series.

Family Diversity, the Lauer, Borgmeier, Bauer Families Deutschland to Baltimore, Maryland and the MacCubbins 1650 to 2006, Volume II is the second volume

Family Diversity, the Oler Family of Maryland with Allied Families Colley, Kennedy, Mason and Smith 1500 to 2011, Volume III is the third of the books and is available from Family Roots Publishing, Price: $49.49.

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