Money Being Raised for an Electronic Directory at the North Platte Cemetery in Nebraska

The following excerpt is from the October 2, 2012 edition of the North Platte Bulletin. My friend, Ruby Coleman, is very involved in an important cemetery project in North Platte.

A lot of the money for a new electronic directory at the North Platte Cemetery has been raised but there is a ways to go, the city council learned Tuesday.

There are 10,140 graves at the cemetery but no directory, said Ruby Coleman, Vice President of the North Platte Genealogical Society.

Coleman said fundraising is well underway, with donations amounting to $10,140. But, she said at least $25,000 is needed.

Coleman spoke to the council at a work session.

She said the Mid Nebraska Community Foundation donated in May, adding to donations from individuals, memorials and NebraskaLand National Bank.

Coleman said that the Genealogical Society has also raised money at bake sales in November and May during the library’s book sales. Another bake said will be held in November, she said.

During the Memorial Day weekend, volunteers from the society helped people find graves at the cemetery. They collected $300 in donations for the courtesy, and received many favorable comments too, Coleman said. Also, the group recently applied for a grant from the Union Pacific Railroad Foundation, which they hope to receive early next year.

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