Donated New Glasgow Funeral Home Records Fill in Gap of 31 Missing Years of Death Records

The following teaser is from the October 3, 2012 edition of

NEW GLASGOW [Pictou County, Nova Scotia] – The brown and faded documents that lay on a table at the local library have caused a buzz of excitement in the Pictou County Roots Society, which hopes to fill in the gaps of Nova Scotia’s history with these funeral home records that date back to the 1800s. 
“These approximately 15 books and plans, they’re important because the death records that are on file with the government office and the records that you can get online for the death records, there’s a large gap of 31 years,” said society member and author of Pictou County history books Clyde Macdonald. “So between 1877 and 1908, those death records aren’t available.

These death records are indeed a major find and something that has excited all the members of the Pictou County Roots Society that have seen them and the library staff is just exhilarated over this donation.” 
Macdonald said the documents are the records of Ross’s Funeral Home on Donald Street in New Glasgow and contain death records, funeral arrangements and other documents from before 1880 to 1971.

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