Adopted Molokai Man Sues to Use DNA to Prove His Native Hawaiian Ancestry

Interesting… The following teasor is from an article in the September 27, 2012 Star Advertisor.

A Molokai man has filed a lawsuit seeking to use DNA to prove his ancestry so he can qualify for the Hawaiian homelands program.

The program provides Native Hawaiians with 99-year leases at $1 per year. To qualify, an applicant must prove 50 percent Native Hawaiian ancestry. The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands allows for birth certificates and other documents such as marriage and death certificates to be used as proof.

Leighton Pang Kee’s lawsuit, filed this week against the department in Circuit Court, says he was adopted and that his birth certificate doesn’t list his biological father.

The lawsuit contends the rules on what can be considered “documented proof” are unclear.

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