Update: Okay – I’ve settled on the current theme for now. It’s called Vistalicious. I find it quite reader-friendly and I haven’t run onto any critical browser issues thus far. I’ve still got much to do, but the site is coming along well.

You may note that GenealogyBlog is taking on a lot of different looks today. That’s because there are currently about 540 different themes available that WordPress users can fool around with. Themes make up the background, fonts, and general layout of the blog. Before I settle on one, I need make sure that it’s something that both my readers and I can live with. I’ve found some themes work  in Internet Explorer, but not Safari – and so forth. Other than obvious bugs, and Web browser deficiencies, my major complaint so for has been the default type size for the body copy within many of these themes. I’m sure that most of these things are made by young people with young eyes. Us old folks need larger type.

This theme testing may take a few days. I’ll let you know when I’ve decided on a theme I think we can all live with.