Genealogy at a Glance: Cherokee Genealogy Research

I am not sure what percentage of the genealogical community (meaning anyone involved in family history research) has Cherokee blood, thus having a practical use for Genealogy at a Glance: Cherokee Genealogy Research but, I found the history alone an enlightening read. The first section of the guide gives a brief but insightful background into the Cherokee, their history, and their introduction to and trials with Europeans. Coverage includes their unique language, their first contact with the Spanish, peace treaties with the U.S. and more.

Like all the Genealogy At A Glance sheets, this guide is a four-page, full-color limited brochure meant to be easily stored and sized to take with you when conducting related research. The first page includes some interesting quick facts, like:

“The Cherokee are the largest Native American group in the United States; however, not all are members of a federally recognized group.”

A key part of this guide is the list of rolls, or censuses, dating from the 1817 Reservation Roll to the 1914 Dawes Roll. Per the tip for the 1909 Guion Miller Roll: this roll was an abstract from a twelve-volume work called Eastern Cherokee by Blood. This suggest that from the rolls and other research pointers, the individual researcher may be able to find a significant amount of information on their Cherokee ancestors. At the very least, there is probably far more information that the average research may have assumed to be available.


Contents for this guide:

Cherokee History and Migrations

  • The Trail of Tears

Unlocking Cherokee Family History

  • Surnames
  • Intermarriages and Mixed Bloods
  • Tribal Rolls and Requirements

Basic Genealogical Sources

Cherokee Freedmen and Black Indians

Rolls Pertaining to Cherokees

Other Online Resources

Further Reading

In addition to those with Cherokee blood and those with an interest in history, professional genealogists will likely find this guide useful in adding to their own skill set and knowledge base. One never knows what mysteries they may uncover as they dig deeper into a family’s history.


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