So many of our Christmas Tour Family live where there have been awful fires so far this year…….. New Mexico and Colorado and now Oklahoma. My heart cries for the dear folks who have lost their homes….. lost everything.

Today I ask YOU to imagine that you live in that house on the lower right…….. or even the house in flames in the top center. Are you safe from losing everything??? Of course not your house in these awful circumstances but how about your family history??

I still chat with folks who have not even one backup to their genealogy. Not even one! And, taking it a step further, if you have backups kept right next to your computer and all your notebooks are downstairs, will you be home when disaster strikes? And even if you are home, what will you save and how will you save it??

This question begs immediate attention in my opinion. I would counsel you to stop any further researching until you have crafted a plan to save your family history……. both the data and the artifacts (like grandma’s picture)………… from disaster. There are dozens of ideas and what works for one might not work for you. But it is vital that YOU do something NOW, TODAY while disaster is not at your door.

Want to share ideas???Stories? Experiences?

Donna, aka Mother Hen, until next week.