Forces War Records Now Stores Over 4 Million British Armed Forces Military Records

The following news release is from the PRWEB UK:

Forces War Records holds the most extensive database of British Armed Forces who either died in battle or are still alive today. New records are added on a daily basis – in the last month 29,194 records were added.

(PRWEB UK) 19 June 2012 – Forces War Records is the definitive location for military genealogy records online. The database includes records from WW2, WW1, the Boer War, the Crimean War and beyond. It is the only online database which now includes over 4 million military records of British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1350.

Of interest to the discerning family historian, these records are presented in an easy searchable format, and provide a great resource for family ancestry searches. The online database contains military service records; lists of those who served in regiments and units; information about battles and medals awarded, and allows members to search by unit, name, photo and even electoral roll.

Forces War Records was founded in November 2001 by ex army veteran Dominic Hayhoe, with the aim of simplifying military genealogy searches. The site also includes free access to a lively community of living veterans; Military Genealogy Tutorials and a team of Researchers for detailed research tasks.

“We are the only site to collate military genealogy records in any easy to use database, meaning you find your ancestors’ history in minutes”, said Mr Hayhoe.
Partnering sites include Forces Reunited where individuals can reunite with those they served with; an Army Surplus and Camping Equipment shop; a Careers site and a British Armed Forces Dating site.

Search military records by name and unit, and find out more about military genealogy on the Forces War Records website.

14 thoughts on “Forces War Records Now Stores Over 4 Million British Armed Forces Military Records

  1. My experience of the Forces War Records Web site is that it is near to a scam. The information it provides is very basic contrary to its ‘shop window’. It also automatically ticks a box in subscriber profile page without authorisation for automatic renewal of subscription. When this is unticked this is no email advice of the change and in my case mysteriously appeared ticked again resulting in another charge for the next month.

  2. Have to say Ive had nothing but good results from this site, finding 3 of the 4 relatives I was looking for, that I couldnt find on Ancestry.

  3. I agree with Simon comments.

    I have also had a further subscription taken off me without approval.

    Have now unticked box but am really annoyed that this site presumes wrongly that you wish to continue subscription even though you only requested a month…..this a con to get monies out of you before you can alter setting.

    Why don’t they make this more clear when you initially subscribe….typical way of confusing and used by a variety of sites.

  4. I have used Forces War Records in the past and have found it very useful, they had 3 of the 4 records I couldn’t find elsewhere and a ton of other useful info as well.

    I would recommend this site no problem.

  5. My visits to Forces War Records have been nothing but good. I discovered quite a few records I couldnt find on Ancestry and then added them there. I would recommend starting your tree with Ancestry, but no site is going to have every record about everything so using a niche military site for military records make sense to me.

    I would happily recommend this site.

  6. I was also a member of Forces War Records for a while. I found the site a bit hard to navigate like Ancestry, but that’s probably just because I’m fairly new to this internet thingy!

    I did however discover a record of my granddad who served in India and it was fascinating.

  7. Forces War Records Review

    I have used Forces War Records amongst others such as Ancestry and Find My Past and because I am (and my ancestors are) Jewish found Forces War Records had far more to offer me because of the records they have transcribed.

    If you are Jewish (or your ancestors are) I would thoroughly recommend it as I found several records on Forces War Records that weren’t on any other site.

  8. Hi,
    John- can’t see what you mean -the site has a LOT more than CWGC -if CWGC stuff is what you want Ancestry/FMP also have the same so no argument really.

    Simon & Rob -did you contact the site to ask why you’d been resubscribed?
    You’ll find the site refunds immediately without fuss if you think you’ve been wrongly billed, I had the same problem with Ancestry and part from the fact they insist on you ‘phoning -it was resolved very professionally.
    FWR do the same so no real moans there.

  9. I have just experienced the same problem as Simon, i.e. all the boxes I had unticked when I opted for a one payment search are today mysteriously ticked, and worse still, Forces War Records took a second payment of £8.95 from me despite the fact I DID NOT sign up for membership. I have complained to them via email and on their web site, and I will be going into my bank tomorrow to block them from taking another penny. I paid £8.95, did a search, was disgusted at how little information I got for that cost…it was nowhere near the amount of information I have already gathered, and after that one visit I never went back to the site again so if they don’t refund me the second £8.95 they took from me I will be taking this matter futher. At this stage I’m prepared to accept that this was just a mistake, but no refund will actually verify what people are saying, that Forces War Records site is a scam.

  10. As a student I have really enjoyed using Forces War Records. I have found quite a bit about my families military ancestors and had the same luck with searches for friends. I did have a couple of blanks, though I contacted their support centre and they kindly pointed me in the right direction and gave me a link to a medal index card in the National Archives that I didn’t know was there.
    Also love the library they have which has great content for a military history fan. Great service for the money.!!

  11. I tried this site for a month making sure the auto renew box was un- ticked only to discover they took a second payment anyway! The info I got from my checks was invariably not available even though I knew it should be there as I have firm proof of the service people I was researching including medals etc. You can get better data for free at the library!

  12. If you have any trouble with Forces War Records you can contact them via the online customer support – (no telephone number)

    Also I see that they have various methods of payment i.e: 1 month ONLY or you can have 1 month ‘recurring.’ So check before you buy and ALWAYS read the terms and conditions regarding payment, I would suggest this with ANY website or if you are handing over your payment details.

    Please also check your ‘profile’ settings as these will contain ALL your account information.

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