The Genealogical Value of The Social Networking Related Sites

Prompted by a question posed by Chris Staats on the Staats Place blog (“…what value [do] you feel (or IF you feel) blogs, wikis, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and any other tool I am omitting, actually add?”), Randy Seaver has written an excellent blog about the genealogical value of all these new social networking tools and websites. These sites have become known as the flagships of what we call Web 2.0. Check it out.

One thought on “The Genealogical Value of The Social Networking Related Sites

  1. Leland –

    Great site! I really like the look of the place. I’ll have to spend some time here looking around. I agree with Randy’s post. I think there is a huge, untapped potential for the marriage of these technologies and genealogy. As with anything, there are some drawbacks, but I think competition and the need for increased usability will help smooth the bumps in the road. Over the next few days, I’ll probably post in more detail concerning some of these topics as mentioned in Randy’s response, so check back there soon. There’s all kind of ideas bouncing around in this big ‘ole melon!

    One of my good friends/genealogy cousins lives in Bountiful. I tried to get an interview at once, but they weren’t taking out-of -tate applications. Too bad. I could have been a Bountiful resident, too!

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