I’m a reader – and that’s the way I like to get my news, whether its in the form of a newspaper, magazine, or just words on deseretnewsthe computer screen, I get a lot more out of the written word than from radio, television, YouTube, or podcasts. A big part of that is because I’m very deaf – and I only get a small percentage of what’s being said on any audio device. And I can honestly say that I like the in-depth coverage that I can get from the written word.

We get two newspapers at our house. The Davis County Clipper (twice a week), and the daily Deseret News. We’ve also gotten the Salt Lake Tribune off and on over the years. There’s a big difference in the two Salt Lake City daily papers – and it’s a lot more than just that one comes in an orange plastic wrapper, while the other is yellow (If you drive the city streets in the early morning, you can instantly tell what paper each household reads!) The Deseret News has a decidedly conservative slant, and includes news of special interest to their Mormon readership (including the Mormon Times). It’s also where I find the most local genealogy-related news.

The Tribune takes a much more liberal slant on nearly everything. It’s the opposition newspaper, always has been, and always will be. It has some very good reporting, but nowhere near as much genealogy-related stuff. So – although we aren’t Mormon – we get the Deseret News.

The Mormon Times includes some very interesting articles – ones I find interesting, even though I have no church affiliation at all. On March 12, Russell Bangerter wrote a good blog titled, “What Motivates Us to Seek Our Ancestors?” The blog has a very Mormon viewpoint. However, the viewpoint is also one that I think most genealogists relate with personally. You might want to take a moment and check it out.