Chris O’Dawd to Star in New British Comedy, “Family Tree”

The following excerpt is from an article at the website:

IT Crowd star Chris O’Dowd is set to star in a semi-improvised TV comedy made by Spinal Tap’s Christopher Guest.

Guest is working with Best In Show actor Jim Piddock on the genealogy comedy Family Tree, entertainment website Vulture reports.
Following the success of documentary shows such as Who Do You Think You Are? the series follows the efforts of one man tracking down his real family.

Otherwise details are thin on the ground, but the intention is said to be to make the half-hour, single-camera show both largely improvised and commercial-free, in the same spirit as Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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One thought on “Chris O’Dawd to Star in New British Comedy, “Family Tree”

  1. Yahoo, another fun show to watch. Genealogy is not only a top hobby but now the entertainment industry is really taking notice. So many movies are really “family stories.”

    I happened to see National Treasure recently and was thrilled when Nic Cage’s character said something to the effect of “everything I am, I am because of my ancestors!”

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