Contents and Addresses of Hungarian Archives

Motivated in parts by his own love of genealogy, his Germanic-ancestral background in Eastern Europe, and incidental events; including, receiving a copy of the English-language Guide to the Archives of Hungary (now out of print) during an impromptu visit at the Hungarian National Archives during a vacation; author Edward Reimer Brandt created Contents and Addresses of Hungarian Archives with Supplemental Material for Research on German Ancestors from Hungary. This book is the result of a desire to disseminate information from the Guide to Archives of Hungary to a North American audience, while also adding additional useful information. Following this path, Brandt added “scattered addresses of the archives” as well as anything else he could think of that might add benefit to the researcher. Finally, he stumbled upon a statistical work on Germans throughout Europe leading to the supplemental research section for Germans.

The two main sections of this book, Part I and II, are relevant to all researchers, genealogy or otherwise, of Hungary. Part I is an overview of genealogical records available in Hungarian archives. Part II lists addresses of Hungarian archives as of January 1992. Part II also includes notations on selected holding of individual archives. The book also contains two tables and three maps for both before and after World War I, plus modern county boundaries.

This books deals predominately within the boundaries of modern day Hungary. However, some parts do cover earlier Hungarian boundaries; including Greater Hungary within its pre-Trianon borders. The author notes that the archives do contain some information for areas ceded to other countries after WWI. Contacting the Hungarian National Archives would be the best first step in tracking down records for these ceded territories.

In addition to the background information behind this book, the author’s Introduction includes some useable historical observations. Sub-sections include an examination of “Assimilation vs. Maintenance of a Separate Identity by Minorities,” “German by Speech vs. German by Origin,” and “Village Lineage Books.” A complete listing of contents can be found bellow.


Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Printing

Preface to the Second Edition

Revised Introduction

Part I: Overview of Genealogical Records Available in Hungarian Archives

  1. Key Dates in Hungarian History for Purposes of Archival Research
  2. General Description of the Contents of Regional Archives, with Pertinent Historical and Governmental Background Information
  3. Descriptions of the Contents and Organization of the Hungarian National Archives
  4. Archival Records of Particular Genealogical Value, According t the LDS Family History Library
  5. Current Information Regarding Genealogical Research in Hungary

Part II: Addresses of Hungarian Archives as of January 1992, Together with Notations concerning Selected Holding of Individual Archives

  1. National Archives
    1. Central Ministry Responsible for Archival Administration
    2. General Archives
    3. Specialized Archives
  2. Local Archives
    1. City Archives
    2. County Archives
  3. Archives in Public and Private Institutions
    1. University Archives
    2. Academies, Scholarly Societies and Specialized Institutes
  4. Religious Archives
    1. The Roman Catholic Church
    2. The Reformed (Calvinist) Church
    3. The Evangelical (Lutheran) Church
    4. Other Churches
    5. Jewish Archives

Appendices, Tables and Maps

 Appendix 1: Names of Selected Places in Pre-Trianon Hungary in Hungarian, German and Other Languages

Appendix 2: Dateline of Historic Events in Hungary of Particular Relevance for Research on German Ancestors

Appendix 3: Select Bibliography of Books and Other Materials Useful for Researching German Ancestors from Hungary

Table 1: Number of Native German-Speakers in Pre-1914 Hungary, by Regions as Defined by Winkler, in Order of Such Population in 1910

Table 2: Hungarian Counties and Cities with More than 20,000 Native German-Speakers in 1910

Map 1: Hungary Before and After World War I

Map 2: Hungary: Current Counties and Larger Communities (showing concentrations of German-speakers)

Map 3: Hungarian Counties Before World War I

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