Like so much of Europe, the Hungarian political and geographical boundaries have shifted over the centuries. In 1877 Janos Dvorzsak published an Hungarian locality dictionary, similar to a Gazatteer. The work included the 63 counties of the Kingdom of Hungary with a political and religious classification of the population in each. Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, compiled by Jordan Auslander, was created to outline and compare the 1877 publication with Hungary today.

73 percent of the 1877 entries are no longer part of Hungary and have different names, belonging to different countries. This work is to help genealogists identify the different locations and recognize them for their prior names, ethnic and religious associations. Auslander provides a short history, including a chronology, to Hungary. The background includes an 1877 Population of Hungary by Religion table. The table is broken down by county, showing total population along with the religious breakdowns, including:

  • Roman Catholic
  • Greek Catholic
  • Greek Orthodox
  • Augsburg Evangelical Lutheran
  • Reformed
  • Jewish
  • Unitarian
  • Armenian Orthodox
  • Other

A map shows the boundaries of Hungary in 1877 and the areas lost to Austria, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, and Romania in 1920. The book has over 500 pages with three columns per page, but was printed on a full 8.5″ x 11″ at a readable font size. The entire book is in alphabetical order for each location. Each entry includes the town name (as it appeared in 1877), the county or district, any alternate names, the current name and country, and the population by religion.


Table of Contents


A Short History of the Hungarian Region


Civil and Sectarian Vital Record Keeping


1877 Population of Hungary by Religion

Other Hungarian Data

Counties of the Kingdom of Hungary

Partitioning of the Kingdom of Hungary in 1920

Genealogy and Gazetteers

Beginning Research

How this Gazetteer was Compiled

Note on Religious Population Breakdowns

Notes on Translations, Anomalies, Comments and Calculation Errors

How to Use this Gazetteer


Sources Used for this Work

Additional Sources (not consulted for this work)

Internet Resources (not consulted for this work)

Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary

Appendix List of Contemporary Town Names


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