QR Codes and Genealogy

A recent presentation at RootsTech focused on the “Genealogical Uses for QR Codes.” A article about the presentation and those genealogical uses appeared recently in the Deseret News. You can read an excerpt from that article, with a link to the full article, below.

However, what do you know about QR codes? I found an article that gives a great primer for those of you scratching your head at the moment. Click here to read, “What is a QR Code and Why Do You Need One?” After the primer, come back and read more about how these codes can be used in genealogy.

From the Desert News:

By Rachel Brutsch, Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Quick Response Codes have been cropping up on movie posters, restaurant windows, store and library shelves — and headstones at cemeteries.

“Genealogical Uses for QR Codes,” a presentation Friday at this year’s RootsTech Family History & Technology Conference by High-Definition Genealogy founder Thomas MacEntee, brought to light some ways these codes can be used in family history efforts.

“I’m seeing them more and more every time I turn around, so I think they are becoming more popular,” MacEntee said during the presentation of the black and white squares with a boxy design in them.

QR Codes are convenient, he said, for linking to large amounts of information or information where there isn’t space or the means to display it.

“Say you’re visiting a historical site,” MacEntee said. “It’s not practical to embed a video screen at that site, but with a QR Code you can put it on someone’s smartphone and they can access the video.”

Click here to read the full article.

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