Genealogy At A Glance: Revolutionary War Genealogy Research

There is an entire series of Genealogy At A Glance guide sheets. We have reviewed many here on this blog. Each is a four-page, full-color laminated guide provide a quick reference to specific research topics. In this review we examine the Revolutionary War.

Genealogy At A Glance: Revolutionary War Genealogy Research was written by Craig R. Scott, CG. Like each At A Glance, the top of the first page provides contents and quick facts related to the topic. The contents of this sheet include:

Finding a Revolutionary War Soldier

Major Record Sources

  • Lineage Societies
  • Pension Records
  • Compiled Military Service Records

Other Record Sources

  • Muster Rolls
  • Settled Accounts
  • Bounty Land
  • Manuscript Collections
  • Loyalist Records
  • Federal Census Records

Other Online Resources

Each of these sections provides definitions, resources, facts, and additional tips for researching the different types of records. For example, under “Muster Rolls”, there is a further breakdown for military units; including, militia, state troops, and continental troops, each listed with further reference sources. Scott did an excellent job of writing clear and concise information, make the best use of space possible. It is incredible how much information is packed into four pages. With the laminate covering, you can carry this guide with you without worrying about damaging it.


Find the help you need, and carry it with you, with your own copu of Genealogy At A Glance: Revolutionary War Genealogy Research at Family Roots Publishing; Item #: GPC5210, Price: $8.77.

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