Index to German Marriages and Death in New York

Since 1834, the New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung has serviced the German community in New York City. Index to Marriage and Death Notices in the New-Yorker Staats-Zeitung 1836-1870; by Frank A. Biebel, is a name index to marriage, birth, and death notices in the Staats-Zeitung as well as three other papers. Birth entries come entirely from the other papers, the Allgemeine Zeitund, Deutsche Schnellpost, and New-Yorker Deutsche Zeitung. The three papers contributed all the birth entries in this book, which only total about 50. The papers also contributed about 200 marriages.

The bulk of the entries found in this book come from the Staats-Zeitung. In all there are about 1,500 marriage entries and about 10,600 deaths. Roughly 1,200 of the marriages are from 1835. Marriage listings by Groom include the Groom’s and Bride’s names and date, plus the issue date and pages for the publication. Death entries include the descended, with age, a relative and the publication entry.

In addition to the indexes and instructions for their use, this book contains biographical sketches of the ministers who performed the marriages. Also, there is a section on the history of the German Reformed Church in New York City from the mid-19th century, revising previous accounts. Most of the marriages published by the Staats-Zeitung were Protestant, but there are death notices for persons from all the religious faiths of the German community. Many notices also mention persons living outside New York and vicinity.


Table of Contents


General Introduction

Fraktur Facts

Location of the Newspapers

General NTSZ Film Searching Pointers


History Bits

Marriage Notices


How to Locate a Notice


  • By Groom
  • By Bride
  • By Former Name

Ministers (“M” column)

German Reformed Church — A Revised History

  • A Needed Correction

Church Incorporations

But is it, truly?

Birth Notices

Death Notices


How to Locate a Notice


  • By Decedent
  • By Non-Descedent

“See Below”


Outside-The-City (“OTC” column)

Symbols, Etc:


Beginning with \

Other Symbols


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