Give “Google Your Family Tree” for Christmas and Get a Free Upgrade to the 2nd Edition

Family Roots Publishing is offering a great Christmas promotional for Google Your Family Tree. The book has been previously reviewed on this sites (click here to read) and continues to be a popular title. Author Daniel M. Lynch is working diligently on a second edition of the book due out next year. However FRP doesn’t think you should have to wait. Instead, they are offering the following great deal now:

Buy Google Your Family Tree for Christmas and get $5 off, free shipping, AND a coupon for a FREE copy of the second edition when released during the first quarter of 2012.

The upgrade will be provided directly by the author and requires a $6.95 shipping and handling fee. You are saving more than that by purchasing the book now at a discount and taking advantage of FRP’s free shipping for Christmas.

To order Google Your Family Tree on FRP’s special Christmas promotion, just click here. Item #: DL01.

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