And now we have another assault on the limited access genealogists have to anything Social Security… Thus far, not exactly a bi-partisan effort, but just wait…

Where do these senators think those records with dead folk’s social security numbers in them came from? Hmmm… It seems the Federal government sold them to those websites, and have been for how many years? In my personal opinion, this is nothing but throwing the baby out with the bath water… But, as I said, that’s just my opinion.

The following is from the November 29, 2011 edition of

Columbus Ohio: An effort to stop web sites from giving out Social Security numbers of those who have died made progress this week.

NBC4 first reported on the Thomas family in May 2011. Samantha Thomas was an infant when she died from sudden infant death syndrome in 2010. While her parents were still mourning her death, they found out that someone had used her SSN on their taxes.

NBC4 stepped in, confirming that a branch of popular web site was listing the full Social Security numbers of those who have passed on. It’s a way for criminals to get information fast.

Sen. Sherrod Brown [D] started a congressional investigation into genealogy web sites after the story was aired.

Brown started a petition to have the web sites remove the sensitive information and NBC4 has learned that Sen. Dick Durbin [D], Sen. Bill Nelson [D], and Sen. Richard Blumenthal [D] have signed on in support of the petition.

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