The Humorous Side of Genealogy

Sometimes research takes a turn for the worse. Finding evidence of our ancestors makes finding the proverbial needle in a haystack sound easy. At these time, we most need to maintain a sense of humor. To help, we can turn to books like Collecting Dead Relatives.

Laverne Galeener-Moore has shared a fantastic collection of funny stories related to genealogical research. Stories range from successfully outmaneuvering uncooperative public servants to trying research road trips to test anyone’s sanity. These are the experiences many of us have faced in researching our own families. However, when reading these tales from the perspective of someone’s experience, it is easier to find and share in the humorous side of these events.

In this book “you’ll learn about the latest techniques used by county clerks in repelling genealogists, about projector fatigue, and about acceptable and unacceptable behavior in graveyards. You’ll read about the sins of the D.A.R., research trip survival tactics, sadism in the county courthouse…the banality of workshops and seminars, the proper etiquette in prying information from reluctant relatives, and much, much more! This work is guaranteed to keep you sane and keep you laughing.”

When you are ready for a break from the difficulties of you own family history research, enjoy an hour or two in the pages of Collecting Dead Relatives. Your sides will ache but you will feel refreshed and ready to again take on the challenges of your own research.


Table of Contents


Committed Researchers

Mercenary Researchers

To Get a Whopping Headache — Try the National Archives

County Courthouses — Burned Down and Otherwise

The Hottest Hangout in Town — Your Library

Browsing in Cemeteries

Enough Genealogical Societies to Choke You

The Research Trip — A Masochistic Journey

You Will Have an Affair with Your Mailman

Dead Relatives Are the Best Kind — They Don’t Come for Visits

Writing the Book the Whole World is Waiting For

Appropriate Words to Fling About


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