Bill Heron, of Welland, Ontario has a family whose members served in the Crimean War, the Boer War, the First World War and Second World War. So Bill set off to write the story of 431 RCAF (Iroquois) Squadron, with whom his brother flew while serving in the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Heron’s book is entitled A Yorkshire Squadron: History of 431 RCAF Squadron and More and deals with the years 1942 to 1945 at stations in Burn, Tholthorpe and Croft.

Much of the data was obtained from the National Archives of Canada, as well as firsthand accounts, including “personal accounts from squadron survivors.” The book contains squadron records, and a listing of the 1,383 man air crew, complete with their names, rank and service numbers.

Included are the dispositions (KIA, PoW, escaped, etc.) If airmen were killed in action, burial information and date killed are written in the book. The book was published by The General Store Publishing House in Renfrew, Ontario, Canada and is available from the author at: The total print run was 250 copies, so they may not last long.

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