At 388 pages, Kentucky Ancestry: A Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research is probably the most complete research guide you will find on Kentucky. The book cover in depth the holdings of Kentucky’s libraries, archives, court records, and University of Kentucky’s collections, as well as resources held by the Kentucky Historical Society and Filson Club. Roseann Reinemuth Hogan, a Doctor in sociology, in writing this book did more than just compile a directory of resources but she thoroughly vetted the content, accuracy, and availability of each resource.

Dr. Hogan examines the history, the laws, the customs, and events that shaped the lives of early settlers. For example, in examining land records the author first provides some historical reference. Chapter five begins with a history to land settlement in the area, from land provisions given for military service dating back to 1763. Page 97 provides a table of key land grant dates from 1763 to 1862. Dr. Hogan also looks at land warrants, grants, bounty land and much more. By understanding the methods of land acquisition and key dates, the readers gains a better perspective on how their ancestors came to settle Kentucky, why they may have chosen the area and how to go about acquiring documentation listing their ancestors and the key information to be found in the various collections.

Though extensive and detailed, Dr. Hogan writes with an easy to read style. The informative history and resource evaluation help direct and guide the user to improved research methods. If your ancestry lead your research to the Bluegrass state, then Kentucky Ancestry may prove the key to your success.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1–Early Kentucky Settlement

Chapter 2–Resources in Kentucky Libraries and Archives

Chapter 3–Kentucky’s Constitutions, Courts, and Clerks

Chapter 4–Marking Life’s Stages: Birth, Marriage, and Death Records

Chapter 5–Kentucky Settles In: Homesteaders, Taxpayers, and Soldiers

Chapter 6– Special People: Women and African-American Families in Kentucky

Chapter 7–Fleshing Out the Ghosts: Using Secondary Resources in Kentucky

Chapter 8–Inventory of County Microfilmed Historical Records

Appendix 1–Bibliography and References Cited

Appendix 2–County Boundary Maps

Appendix 3–Statewide Journals, Magazines, and Other Kentucky Publication Sources

Appendix 4–African-American Bibliography

Appendix 5–Folklore and Social History Bibliography

Appendix 6–County Historic Sites Survey


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