is about nostalgia. So many of us who lose loved ones only to realize you might not have known them as well as you thought. Have you said, “I didn’t ask those life questions when I should have, when I had the chance.” Site founder Helen Spencer experienced these feelings and made similar statements. When Helen’s mother passed she was inspired to help others avoid these disappointments. She put together

At no cost to the user, this new website provide the means for anyone to save living memories, as they occur, or as a collection of past events. SaveEveryStep encourages mixing stories with photographs. How often have you looked at an old photograph, even one with labels identifying the people, date and place? Have you ever wondered what they were doing and how they were feeling. What is the story behind the photo. SaveEveryStep helps you record both.

SaveEveryStep make the process interesting by letting you attach your stories and media to an interactive timeline. The timelines makes finding stories both easier and fun.

The site is secure and private. There are three privacy levels to choose from. You can create a lifeline for each family member with enough space for hundreds of pictures and stories per person. You can even share stories across lifelines. has made family story telling and recording as easy as possible. Best of all, its free.