Bamberg County African-American History Resource Collection Opening in the Bamberg [South Carolina] Public Library

The Bamberg African-American Genealogical Society will hold the grand opening of the Bamberg County African-American History Resource Collection at 4 p.m. today (Sunday, February 15, 2009) in the lobby of the Bamberg County Public Library, in Bamberg, South Carolina.

The collection will include “Volume I – Church Histories,” individuals’ videotaped histories, community histories, names of cemeteries and schools, and other information about African-Amercians in Bamberg County produced by BAAGS from December 2007 through January 2009. It will become a permanent part of the Bamberg County Public Library and available for use by the public. For more information, call Vivian Halyard at 803-245-0535 or Alzena Robinson at 803-245-5903.

From the February 15, 2009 edition of the Times and Democrat.

15 thoughts on “Bamberg County African-American History Resource Collection Opening in the Bamberg [South Carolina] Public Library

  1. Good Morning. I am working on the family tree and have reached a road block. Slave schedules do not reveal names and my great great Grand mother Delia Hightower (Washington and Kemp were married names) born in 1846 in Bamberg, SC (now known as Barnwell?) I believe was owned by the Hightower Family that resides in Bamberg at the time. But there are many Hightowers and no bill of sales, deeds, wills listed anywhere with her or her parents name on it. We are in touch with one white Hightower family who are quite helpful, but again it is hard to know if this is the family that she worked for pre Civil War.

    Do you have any information on Bamberg deeds, bill of sales, or any paperwork showing slave names, marriages, etc? Any information on slave owners (particularly with the last name Hightower)?

    Thank you so much,
    Shameen Anthanio-Williams

  2. Hello Shameen,

    I am one founders of the Bamberg African-American Genealogical Society. One of our members is a Hightower and might be able to help you. I will forward your interest on to her. Please send me contact information.

  3. I am researching the my family tree Abel and Cooper’s. My grandmother was Emma Lucille Abela and grandfather was James Harvey Cooper. My grandmother father name was Richard C. Abel and
    mother Mary Jean Carter. My grandfather parents were Washington Cooper and Maimy Franklin. Both of my grandparents came from Bamberg or Bamberg County. I would appreciated your help in my endeavors.

    Diana James-Wynder

  4. I am trying to create a family tree and my family is from Bamberg, SC. I do know that the paternal part of my family were slaves who may share ancestry with the Bamberg family whom the town was named after…but I am not sure by which persons. My great grandmother was Annie Lou Hartzog (married name) or Annie Lou Handy (maiden) who was married to Shafter Hartzog. Their birthdates would be around the late 1890’s to early 1900’s.

    On my maternal side (it gets sticky). My grandmother’s name is Pretto Folk(s) (married) or Pretto Irons (maiden) ( dob april 1915?) and her husband Robert Folk(s). Pretto’s mother may have been named Sally Harten or Harden or something and we can’t figure it out as she was raised by relatives.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated that may aid in the search or point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.


    L.C. Folk

  5. I would like help trying to research the Washington family of Bamberg S.C GG father George Washington spouse Margaret maiden name Irons, my Grand father Charles Washington BORN Bamberg SC 1897, I can only find them on 1900 census, I have read that the county of Bamberg was founded around 1855, trying to find out where family lived prior to Bamberg, family is listed as birth in S.C.. Grand father relocated to York, Pa in early 1900’s in 1920 census along with several of his siblings & with my grand mother Alberta maiden name Reid who was also from Bamberg her Dad was Richard Reid, Mom died when she was young unsure of mom’s first name.

  6. Over a year ago I wrote this message:

    I am researching the my family tree Abel and Cooper’s. My grandmother was Emma Lucille Abel and grandfather was James Harvey Cooper. My grandmother father name was Richard C. Abel and
    mother Mary Jean Carter. My grandfather parents were Washington Cooper and Maimy Franklin. Both of my grandparents came from Bamberg County, SC. I would appreciated your help in my endeavors.

    Thank You
    Diana James-Wynder

  7. Looking for information on family…Abel/Frohberg/Hiers…

    Hattie Abel brn in Bamberg SC..married John Henry of their children Ricker Frohberg married Newton Hiers ..later moced to New York all before 1929.

  8. Hello I just spoke with my father and need any history on paternal great grandmother(Hattie Halyard)(Constance Halyard,Grandmother)and (Whelemenia Warren,Great Grand Aunt) all from Bamberg and moved to Queens, New York during 1930’s. Thanks and be blessed on this great work!!!

  9. Marilyn,

    I am an heir of John Henry Frohberg, I believe that he may be my great-grandfather. John H b??? d???–>Herman Calhoun Frohberg b 1901- d 1951 –>Herman Charles Frohberg b 1951-present –>Michael Charles Frohberg(me) b 1981-present. My family is from New York City by way of South Carolina. That branch goes as follows (a lot of the female first names are what I knew them as and not necessarily accurate, and I might be missing some folks, I am one of the younger heirs..) John H/Hattie Abel – children – Willie (d), Floyd (d) , Max (d) , Herman (d) , Nellie. Willie, Floyd, and Max did not have any children. Nellie – child – Arthur (d) Herman/Thelma Walker – children – John (d), Marie (d), Vicki (d), Eileen (d) , Fredericka, Lula (Amanda), Herman. John/Dianne ??? – children – Jennifer, Susan, Christian. Marie/”Feenie Greene” – children – Laura, Aaron. Vicky/ ?? LaViscount – children –
    Karen (d), Erik, Jason. Herman/Leslie Shackelton – children – Michael, Barbara. Christian/???? – children – Amber, 2nd Daughter???. Michael/Linda Virtue – child – Zoe Mykaela. This is a rough tree of the NY branch. Susan, Jennifer, Barbara, Christian, Amber, Chris’ 2nd Daughter, and myself still currently carry the Frohberg surname. Aaron and Laura carry the Greene surname. Erik and Jason carry the LaViscount surname. My daughter carries the hyphenated Virtue-Frohberg surname. Everyone, with the exception of Jason whom I have yet to meet, and the young children can be found on Facebook. I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to contact me at if you want to chat.

  10. This reply is for Shameen Anthanio-Williams who is looking for Delia Hightower. Delia Hightower was the sister of my great great great grandfather Jack Hightower they were indeed owned by a Hightower slave owner. I have more information if you need it as well as links to our extensive family trees, slave records, the name of the slave owner, the original African tribe they came from and other leads. I was actually looking for Delia Hightower’s family. Hope this helps. Lyricus

  11. I looking for any historical documents on the log bridge cemetery. Was it public/ private, associated with a church? At it’s founding was it designated for African Americans only? Any help you can offer with these questions or who they should be directed to, is much appreciated!

    Monica Reed

  12. My name is Clay R Williams. I am in the process of doing research from my father’s mother’s side of the family. My grandmother’s name is Senie Dickinson, her father’s name is Sam Dickinson. Sam’s birth year was 1878 according to the 1900 census for Buford Bridge Township, Bamberg SC. My grandmother mentioned a grandfather named Butler. Please assist if you can. Thanks

  13. Hi Im searching a Matthew Dickerson who was a freed Black man with Land . He was from Bamberg Does anyone know the history? ??

  14. Lyricus,

    please contact me regarding Delia Hightower. My traces show her as being my great grandmother. My grandmother is from Bamberg, her mother’s name was Della Kemp (maiden name, and Jones married name. Cornelia Rhodes, who also had sister Verzeel. I am very interested to talk to you regarding the information you have on the Hightower Slave owner and the history.


  15. Hi my name is Sondra and I’m looking for any information on Alex Washington also listed as Ellicott or Allick. He was married to Rosa Washington and they had several children to include Oliver, Rosa, Henry, Gertie, George, Teresa, Carrie etc. George Washington was my great grandfather and I’m looking for any information on this family as I have nothing other than the census

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