Some Early Scots in the Maritime Provinces of Canada

Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada, a two-volume set by Terrence M. Punch.

Referring to the Maritime Provinces of Canada, specifically New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Price Edward Island, this book covers the immigration of Scottish settlers into this region. Collecting from a vast array of documents, articles, and vital records, the author “attempts to put names and places to a few thousand of these immigrants in hope that some readers may find an ancestor or a kinsman.”

The two volume set is based on materials found in the Nova Scotia Archives and the Public Archives of New Brunswick, among others resources, and it draws together a unique collection of miscellaneous records pertaining to Scottish immigrants to the Maritime Provinces. Details of life events such as birth, marriage, and death are revealed along with records ranging from newspaper announcements of marriages and deaths to cemetery records and censuses, and from ships’ passenger lists to land records. The book also contains histories, maps, indexes to ships and much more. Thousands of Canadian-Scottish immigrants are named who otherwise might have gone undiscovered through traditional genealogical research.


Table of Contents, Volume I

An Ocean Bridged, Scotland to the Maritimes (with 4 maps)
Shipping News Items
Newspaper Marriages and Deaths of Scots-Born, to 1843
Cape Brenton Census of 1818: The Scots (with map)
Census of Sydney County, NS, 1817: Natives of Scotland (with map)
Scots-Born, Nova Scotia Census of 1770
Probate Records:

  • Halifax County, Nova Scotia
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland

Scots in Local Histories
Headstones of Scottish Immigrants:

  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia

Some Pictou Scots Settlers in 1809
Scots Deserters from Ships, 1812–1813
The North British Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1768–1782
Assisting the Transient Poor in Nova Scotia
Passengers in the brig Harmony, Barra to Cape Breton, 1821
The William Tell, 1817
Scots Married, Catholic Church, Halifax, NS, 1803–1842
Index of Ships
Index of Surnames


Table of Contents, Volume II

Map 1 – Key to the Names of Scottish Shires
Map 2 – Parishes in Five North-eastern Shires
Map 3 – Parishes of the South-western Highlands
Scots-born New Brunswick Loyalists
Statement of Immigration to New Brunswick, 1831–1849
Scottish Names in Prince Edward Island Census, 1798 (map)
Scottish Immigrants to New Brunswick, 1804
Military Attrition in the Maritimes
Scots near Pictou, Nova Scotia, 1809
Scots Arrivals at Pictou, Nova Scotia, in 1815
Scots in the Census of Hants County, Nova Scotia, 1817 (map)
Scots Settlers in the Maritimes before 1850 (miscellany)
Newspaper Items, 1844 to 1853
Addenda to Newspapers before 1844
Six New Brunswick Passenger Lists
Headstones of Scottish Immigrants
Queries in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Newsletters
Two Gaelic Opinions of Nova Scotia
New Brunswick Census, 1851: Scots in Five Parishes (map)
Scots in Chester, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
Scots Immigrants to New Brunswick, 1874
Scots in Cape Breton Land Papers, 1801–1820 (with map)
A Scottish Army Surgeon
Probate records, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Index of Ships
Index of Surnames


Both these books are available from Family Roots Publishing:

Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada, Volume I; Item # GPC4713

Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada, Volume II; Item # GPC4714

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