Book Review: Welsh Family History, A Guide to Research 2nd Edition

Title: Welsh Family History, A Guide to Research 2nd Edition
Editors: John & Sheila Rowlands
Published: 1998(UK), 1999(USA)
Type: soft cover
Size: 6 x 8½
Pages: 325
ISBN: 9780806316208
FRP Item #: GPC5030

Welsh Family History, A Guide to Research coverWelsh Family History was originally published by the Association of Family History Societies of Wales. The book is a compendium of research guides written by different authors specializing in areas of specific research. Together, these guides form a wonderful handbook designed to help researchers avoid pitfalls and get through the sometimes difficult challenges presented in Welsh family history research.

For the second edition, each author was given the opportunity to update his or her text. Consideration was given to recent developments, particularly in the area of local government and archives. The result of these changes led to a modification in the number of chapters but improved insights into Welsh family history research, while preserving the objectives of the first edition.

Expanded Table of Contents (extrapolated for subheadings within the chapters):

List of Figures
Notes on Contributing Authors
Editorial Preface to the First Edition
Editorial Preface to the Second Edition
Chapter 1 Introduction by Hafina Clwyd
Chapter 2 Archive Repositories in Wales by R. Kevin Matthias

The National Library of Wales
The Organisation of Local Governments
County Record Offices

Chapter 3 Family History Societies of Wales by Stewart Blackwell
Chapter 4 Parish Resisters and Bishop’s Transcripts by John Watts-Williams

Finding Parish Registers
Survival of Parish Registers
Nature of Content
Nonconformity and Parish Registers
Detailed Content
Bishop’s Transcripts
Other Transcripts of Parish Registers, Copies and Indexes of Entries
Search and Photocopying Services

Chapter 5 Civil Registration and the Census by Sheila Rowlands

Civil Registration
The Census

Chapter 6 Nonconformity by Muriel Bowen Evans

Some Preliminary Explanations
The Origins and Early History of Nonconformity
Toleration for Nonconformists
A Change of Tempo
Increases of Churches and Membership
Locating Nonconformist Records
Using the Records
A Case Study

Chapter 7 The Surnames of Wales by Sheila Rowlands

The Origins of Welsh Patronymic Surnames
The Adoption of Permanent Surnames in Wales
The Time-Scale of Change
Surnames Derived from Personal Characteristics
Occupational Names
Surnames Derived from Welsh Place Names
Non-Welsh Surnames in Wales
The Distribution of Welsh Surnames
Modern Names

Chapter 8 Place Names by Bedwyr Lewis Jones
Chapter 9 Some Basic Welsh for Family Historians by M. Auronwy James

Genealogical Sources in Welsh
Aspects of Welsh Grammar
Vowel Sounds

Chapter 10 The IGI for Wales by Chris Pitt Lewis

What it Contains
How it is Arranged (microfiche edition)
Indexing Welsh Names
The Treatment of Wills
‘Relative’ Entries
The CD-ROM Version
How to Use the IGI for Wales

Chapter 11 Estate Records by David A. Pretty

Growth by Marriage and Inheritance
Growth by Purchase
The Decline of Large Estates
Estate Administration and Records
Estate Surveys
Other Sources

Chapter 12 Maritime Records by Lewis Lloyd

The Emergence of ‘Maritime Wales’
The Nineteenth Century Expansion of Maritime Wales
Sources of Information Regarding Welsh Seafarers
General Sources
Specific or Generalized Sources
Apprentices’ Indentures
The Register of Merchant Seamen
Registers of Masters, Mates and Engineers
Crew Lists and Agreements (Articles)

Chapter 13 Wills and Other Records of Inheritance by Gareth Haulfryn Williams Wills

Probate and Associated Documents
Using Probate Records
Other Sources for Wills and Estates of Deceased Persons
Deeds of Settlement
The Scope of Inheritance Records

Chapter 14 Education Records by David A. Pretty
Chapter 15 Parochial Records by John Rowlands

The Origins of Parochial Records
The Nature and Location of Parochial Records
Vestry Minutes
Rate Assessment and Collection
Church Wardens’ and Overseers’ Accounts
Settlement and Removal
The County Militia
Bonds of Indemnity
The Control of Vermin and Strays

Chapter 16 The Welsh at Law by Chris Pitt Lewis

Welsh Courts
English Courts
Court of Chancery
Court of Requests/Court of Star Chamber
Court of Augmentations
Court of Exchequer
Court of the Duchy of Lancaster
Court of King’s Bench/Court of Common Pleas
Supreme Court
Local Courts
Quarter Sessions
Borough Courts
Manorial Courts, etc.

Chapter 17 The Records of the Courts of Great Sessions for Wales by Murray Ll. Chapman

The Courts of Great Sessions
The Jurisdiction of the Court
The Records
Civil Proceedings
Docket Rolls
Plea Rolls
Fines (Feet of Fines)
Prothonotary Papers
Chancery Proceedings
Bill Books
Decree of Order Books
Criminal Proceedings
Calendar of Prisoners
Nomina Ministrorum
Quarter Sessions’ Records
List of Jurors
Schedule of Prisoners, Their Offenses and Pleadings
Information or Articles of Misdemeanor
Process Writs
Coroners’ Inquests
Miscellaneous Correspondence and Papers

Chapter 18 Printed and Manuscript Pedigrees by Michael P. Siddons
Chapter 19 Migrations: Concepts, Patterns and Processes by W.T.R. Pryce

The Nature of Migration in the Context of Wales
Data Sources on Migration
In-Migration and Our-Migration: The Regional Impact
The Significance of Migration in the Context of Wales
Region Trends
Population Movements in North Wales
Migration and Settlement in South Wales
Migration of the Welsh into England

Chapter 20 Emigration by David Peate

Case Study: to America 1683
Case Study: to America 1795
Case Study: Convict to Australia 1838
Case Study: to America 1839
Case Study: to New Zealand 1875

Chapter 21 The Freeholders by Evan L. James
Chapter 22 Miscellaneous Sources by D. Emrys Williams and others

Bidding Letters
Monumental Inscriptions
Church Records
Ordination Papers
The ‘Notitiae’
Biographical Works
Newspapers and Periodicals
Society Transactions
Taxation Records
Soldier Ancestors
Apprenticeship Records
Welsh Gypsies

Chapter 23 Select Bibliography compiled by Sheila Rowlands

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