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The following small databases have been recently posted at the Family Tree Connection website:


Alabama Penitentiary 1872 Report – Annual Report of the Inspector of the Alabama Penitentiary, From October 1, 1871, to October 1, 1872, to the Governor. [This includes two separate reports listing the prisoners, and there are differences so both are included]


Joaquin Parlor No. 5, N. D. G. W. 1911 By-Laws – By-Laws Joaquin Parlor No. 5, Native Daughters of the Golden West Incorporated, Stockton, California, December 26, 1911. Instituted April 8, 1887.


Wilmington Home for Friendless and Destitute Children 1885 Report – Twenty-Second Annual Report of the Home for Friendless and Destitute Children of Wilmington, Del. Includes listings of Officers, Managers and Annual Subscriptions.


Caesar Creek Township 1900 Commencement – Caesarcreek Township, Class of 1900, Eighth Annual Commencement Exercises, Eleazer Church, Thursday Evening, June Seventh, at eight o’clock. Dearborn County, Indiana


Enterprise High School 1905 Commencement – Enterprise High School, 14th Annual Commencement Exercises, Thursday evening, May 25, 1905, at 8 o’clock, College Hall. Enterprise, Kansas.


Riverside Lodge, No. 12, K. of P. 1921 By-Laws – By-Laws of Riverside Lodge, No. 12, Knights of Pythias, Instituted in Sanford, Maine, February 10, 1875. Approved, May 16, 1921.


Boston Young Men’s Christian Union 1881 Report – Report of the Boston Young Men’s Christian Union for the Year Ending April 13, 1881. Instituted 1851. Incorporated 1852. No. 18 Boylston Street, Boston. Includes listing of Life Members (with Deaths).

Boston Temporary Home for the Destitute 1868 Report – Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Temporary Home for the Destitute, No. 24 Kneeland Street, For the Year 1868. Includes listings of the Officers, Life Members, Subscribers and Donors.

Boston Home for Aged Women 1910 Report – Sixty-First Annual Report of the Home for Aged Women, for the Year 1910. 108 Revere Street, Boston. Incorporated April, 1849. Organized October, 1849.

Boston Union Club 1877 Membership – The Constitution, By-Laws and House Rules of the Union Club of Boston with a List of the Officers and Members [Names Only], July, 1877.


Muskegon First Baptist Ladies’ Aid Society Members – Extracted from a copy of ‘Helpful Hints’ by Ladies’ Aid Society, First Baptist Church, Muskegon, Michigan. [This item is undated]


Blair Lodge, No. 14 I.O.O.F. 1915 By-Laws and Roster – By-Laws and Roster of Blair Lodge No. 14, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Blair, Nebraska. Approved April 21, 1915.


Grafton County 1898 Reports of the Commissioners – Annual Report of the Commissioners of the County of Grafton, Together with the Reports of the Superintendent, Physician and Chaplain, Clerk of the Courts, Treasurer, Sheriff, Jailor, Solicitor and Auditors for the Year Ending December 31, 1898, Vol. 11, Part 2. Includes listings of the County Officers, Deaths and Paupers (in the Almshouse).


Shadows 1931 Yearbook – Shadows, Tenth Anniversay, 1931, Whitehorne High School, Verona, New Jersey, Published by Junior Class.

Shadows 1930 Yearbook – Shadows, Year Book 1930, Whitehorne High School, Verona, New Jersey.

Shadows 1929 Yearbook – Shadows, Whitehorne High School, Nineteen Twenty-Nine, Verona, New Jersey.

College of New Jersey 1868-69 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the College of New Jersey, for the Academical Year 1868-1869, Princeton.

College of New Jersey 1844-45 Catalogue – Catalogue of the Officers and Students of the College of New Jersey, for 1844-1845, Princeton.


Univ. of Rochester 1880-1 Catalogue – Thirtieth Annual Catalogue of the University of Rochester, 1880-81. Rochester, N. Y.

New York City Colored Orphan Asylum 1913 Report – Seventy-Seventh Annual Report of the Colored Orphan Asylum and Association for the Benefit of Colored Children in the City of New York for the Year Ending December 1st, 1913. Organized 1836. Incorporated 1838. West 259th Street, Riverdale-on-Hudson. Includes listings of Officers, Trustees and Annual Subscribers.

New York Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents 1881 Report – Fifty-Seventh Annual Report of the Managers of the Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents to the Legislature of the State and the Corporation of the City of New York, 1881. Includes deaths for the year, and listing of officers.

Wartburg Orphan’s Farm School 1894-95 Report – Twenty-Ninth Annual Report of the Wartburg Orphans’ Farm School, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, Near Mount Vernon, N. Y. From May 1st, 1894, to May 1st, 1895. Includes listings of Officers and Donations.

St. John’s College 1866 Catalogue – A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of St. John’s College, Fordham, New York for the Academic Year, 1865-66.

House of Refuge: Randall’s Island 1928 Census of Inmates – Report on the Affairs of the Society for the Reformation of Juvenile Delinquents, Relating to the House of Refuge, Randall’s Island, New York City.


The Training Home for Friendless Girls 1908 Report – The Training Home for Friendless Girls, Under management of the Women’s Christian Temperane Union of Cleveland (Non-partisan), 377 Franklin Avenue. Includes a listing of Officers. Presented at the Sixteenth Anniversary, June 11, 1908.

Lorain County Children’s Home 1900-1910 Reports – A Brief History of the Lorain County Children’s Home and Report of Its Officers for the Ten Years 1900-1910, Oberlin, Ohio. Includes a listing of Board members and Trustees.

Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum 1907 Report – Fifty-Fifth Annual Report of the Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum, for the Year Ending October 31, 1907. 5000 St. Clair Avenue N. E., Cleveland, Ohio. Organized January 22, 1852. Incorporated February 22, 1853.

Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum 1902 Report – Report of the Cleveland Protestant Orphan Asylum, 1460 St. Clair Street, Cleveland, O, for the Year Ending October 31st, 1902.


Philadelphia Odd Fellows’ Home 1884 Report – Eleventh Annual Report of the Odd Fellows’ Home of Pennsylvania, Located S. E. Cor. 17th and Tioga Sts., Philadelphia, For the Year 1884. Includes List of Inmates from the Commencement. Printed January 14th, 1885.

Columbus Lodge, No. 75 I.O.O.F. 1846 By-Laws – Constitution, By-Laws, Etc. of Columbus Lodge, No. 78, of the I. O. of O. F. Instituted March the 31st, 1842. Chambersburg, Penna.

Dickinson College 1924 Commencement – Dickinson College, Commencement Week, May thirtieth to June third, Ninteen hundred twenty-four, Carlisle.

St. Clair Cemetery 1913 Lot Owners – The St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, An Illustrated Handbook, Historical, Descriptive, Biographical, Containing Also Charter, Laws, Rules and Regulations, and Otehr Matters of Important General Information. Written and published by authority of the Directorate. 1856-1913.

Mt. Pisgah Lodge, F. & A. M. 1909 By-Laws – By-Laws of Mt. Pisgah Lodge, No. 443, F. and A. M., Greencastle, Pa., with List of Members. Constituted August 26th, 1869. Approved 1909.

Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church 1870 Anniversary – Historical Discourse Delivered onthe Occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Upper Octorara Presbyterian Church, Chester County, Pennsylvania, September 14, 1870, with an Account of the Celebration and an Appendix. Included Burial Records. (Parkesburg)


Woodstock College 1906-7 Announcement – Announcement of Woodstock College, An Academic Department of McMaster University, Woodstock, Ontario, for the Education of Young Men, 1906 – 1907.


Railroad Ticket Agents Association 1930 Personnel Tour – American Association of Railroad Ticket Agents, Pre-Convention Personnel Tour via Special Train, September 15th to 18th, 1930.

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