1925 Kansas State Census Now at Ancestry.com

Chris Lydiksen, at the Ancestry.com Blog, today reported that the 1925 Kansas State Census has now been posted. According the the blog, the 1925 schedules alone contained 1.8 million names. That brings the entire Kansas State Census collection 1855 through 1925 to 8.2 million names.

I was very pleased when Ancestry began posting Kansas censuses a couple years ago, knowing that millions of us who liveAncestry.com in the west today had ancestors who passed through Kansas. Some of those families stayed, but many others moved on. By posting these censuses, some of us, my wife included, found schedules for families who were in Kansas for only a short period – between the Federal censuses. She found her James Irvin Daffern family in the 1870 Kansas Census, not knowing that her grandfather’s family ever even lived in Kansas. This census gave birthplace information that Patty didn’t have previously. That information, found in this obscure state census, confirmed sketchy family stories.

The following Kansas State Censuses, from the Kansas State Historical Society, are now found at Ancestry.com:

  • 1855 Kansas Territory Census
  • 1856, 1857 & 1858 Kansas Territory Censuses
  • 1859 Kansas Territory Census
  • 1865 Kansas State Census
  • 1875 Kansas State Census
  • 1885 Kansas State Census
  • 1895 Kansas State Census
  • 1905 Kansas State Census
  • 1915 Kansas State Census
  • 1925 Kansas State Census

Specific Information available in the 8.2 million name Kansas State Census database includes: name, age, census date, county, state, locality, birthplace, family number, gender, race, line & roll number. Dependent on the specific census, clicking on the image icon can give the researcher a lot more information. This information may include relationship to head of household, marital status, occupation, and real estate data. In 1875, one column asked, “Where from to Kansas?” All kinds of good stuff.

Just for fun, I did a search for the Surname, Gfeller, in the Kansas State Census database. I found 429 people in six censuses, 1875-1925. Thirty-nine of these entries were for Gfellers who were born in Switzerland.

Census Entry for Christian & Elizabeth Gfeller family, found in the 1895 Kansas State Census - From Ancestry.com
Census Entry for Christian & Elizabeth Gfeller family, found in the 1895 Kansas State Census - From Ancestry.com

Kansas is the primary place of residence for Gfellers in America today.

Search for your ancestors in the Kansas State Census Collection 1855-1925 at Ancestry.com.

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  1. I need help researching Otto Motzner, brother of my grandfather, Robert Frederick Motzner, Russell county, Kansas

    Also Heinz Motzner, buried in Bunker Hill Cemetary, Russell County

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