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The following databases have been added at The Original Record:

1269 – Surrey Forest Pleas
Pleas of the Venison in the king’s park of Guildford heard at Guildford in the quindene of Midsummer in the 53rd year of the reign of king Henry III, 8 July 1269, recorded in Public Record Office Forest Proceedings, Treasury of Receipt, No. 194, were selected, transcribed (the Latin extended) and translated by G. J. Turner and published by the Selden Society in 1901. The text and translation are printed on facing pages.

1356-1764 – Members of the Company of Masons, London
Edward Conder gathered and published these surviving lists of members of the Fellowship or Mystery or Craft or Company of Free Masons of London from various dates from 1356 onwards.

1837 – Chester and Birkenhead Railway Shareholders
The return of the railway subscription contracts deposited in the Private Bill Office lists the shareholders in the Chester and Birkenhead Railway, subscribers of £189,250 to shares towards the £250,000 estimated expense of the project. The list gives full name of each subscriber (or surname with initials), residence, profession or calling, number of shares, and amount.

1839-1846 – Prisoners in Derby for Contempt of Court
The return of prisoners imprisoned in Derbyshire County Gaol for contempt of court gives full name; when committed; by what authority; cause of committal; and date of discharge.

1861 – Birmingham Directory
William Cornish’s Corporation General and Trades Directory covered Birmingham, Coventry and the towns of the Black Country. The Birmingham section contains both street lists and this general alphabetical directory.

1872-1874 – Infants in Irish Workhouses
Return, “with Christian and Surname of each, of Infants Born in Irish Workhouses, or Admitted thereto when Healthy under Twelve Months Old, and attempted to be Reared therein during the Years 1872 to 1874, showing what has since become of them”. The returns from each poor law union workhouse give: Christian and Surname of Infant Born in the Workhouse, or Admitted Healthy, under Twelve Months; Year; and whether discharged, healthy, in hospital, or dead. Antrim Workhouse.

1915 – Naturalizations
The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization or Readmission to British Nationality had been granted by the Secretary of State and whose oaths of allegiance had been registered in the Home Office. These notices, from January to December 1915, refer to naturalizations from December 1914 to November 1915. The lists give full name, surname first; country of origin; date of taking the oath of allegiance; place of residence; and occupation. An dagger indicates re-admission to British nationality.

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