Back Home in Bountiful & Other Stuff

After 12 days of travel and exhibiting, Dale, Tara, and I are finally home, and more or less settled into our normal schedule again. It took us five days to drive to Charleston, South Carolina and set up for the National Genealogical Society Conference. We then spent four days exhibiting, and marketing product in our Family Roots Publishing Company exhibit booth. On Sunday morning, we were back on the road, and home by Tuesday night. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were spent unpacking, getting new product into the computer system (which is still ongoing), and shipping product for folks who purchased items at the conference, and wanted us to ship the books home for them. I’m pleased to report that all books purchased, as well as books ordered at the conference are now in route to our patrons.

It will continue to be busy here, as we have a Feller family reunion in Colorado the first weekend of June, then leave Utah for the SCGS Jamboree mid-week. We’ve got family and employees here in Bountiful that will look after our place, as well as the business. Never a dull moment…

I failed to blog on the 18th of May, but that date is pretty important to our family. Not only was it the 31st anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, but it was my mother’s 100th birthday. Virginia Frances Cornett Feller Claussen Meitzler was born in Canon City, Colorado on that date in 1911. Mother was 69 on the day St. Helen’s erupted, and as ash was falling from the sky in her yard, she claimed that the mountain was celebrating her birthday. Mom had a lot more birthdays, living to be 92, but none quite so spectacular as that one…

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