New Databases at the Original Record

The following databases have been posted at The Original Record during the last week.

1536, 1591, 1631 – Woodbury, Devon, Malt Rate
The Woodbury Church Ledger or Malt Book contained these three assessments of householders in the parish, arranged district by district, for the levy of the malt rate.

1543 – Northamptonshire Lay Subsidy: Culworth
The lay subsidy for Culworth, Northamptonshire, (Exchequer Lay Subsidy 156/183), of the 35th year of king Henry VIII lists taxpayers in the parish by assessment of their lands or goods.

1839-1849 – Prisoners in Chester Castle for Contempt of Court
The return of prisoners imprisoned in Chester Castle for contempt of court gives full name; when committed; by what authority; cause of committal; and date of discharge.

1873 – The London & County Banking Company Shareholders
Copy of the return by the London and County Banking Company to the Inland Revenue listing the ‘persons of whom the Company or partnership consists’, pursuant to 7 & 8 Vic. cap. 32: giving full name (surname first), residence and occupation.

1883 – Southport Directory
Slater’s Royal National Directory of Southport and Birkdale with their Vicinities, of 1883-4, includes this general alphabetical listing of residents and traders.

1914 – Naturalizations
The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization or Readmission to British Nationality had been granted by the Secretary of State under the provisions of 33 Vic. cap. 14 and been registered in the Home Office pursuant to the act during each previous month. These notices, from January to December 1914, refer to naturalizations from December 1913 to November 1914. The lists give full name, surname first; country of origin; date of taking the oath of allegiance; and place of residence. An asterisk indicates that the person was currently serving in a British ship. From April 1914 onwards the information is expanded by the addition of a column for occupation.

1937 – Imperial Service Medal: On Retirement
Awards by king George VI of the Imperial Service Medal to officers of the Home Civil Service on their retirement. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname (in capitals) and christian names, with office or rank in the service.

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