Google Map Maker Lets You Edit in Google Maps & Google Earth

Google Map Maker now allows Google users to edit the maps in Google Maps and Google Earth. It’s meant to allows people to add and modify things they know about on the maps. I’ve got to wonder if there is an historic aspect to this… The following is from the website.

Introducing Google Map Maker for the United States

Google Map Maker lets you add to and update the map, for millions of people to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. You can add your local knowledge for over 180 countries and regions. Get started mapping the places you know.

Start Mapping Now
Your town
Add detail to your town. Put your local coffee shop on the map, trace the outline of your town library, or place your favorite bookstore in the right spot.

Schools and universities
Build a detailed campus map by adding academic buildings, dorms, athletic facilities, and walkways.

Outdoor interests
Help others find outdoor activities by adding your local park, placing soccer fields and playgrounds within it, and marking bike lanes through your town.

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