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The following databases are new at The Original Record this week.

1810 – Essex Poll Book
The poll of the freeholders of Essex at the election of a knight of the shire to serve in Parliament, taken at Chelmsford 31 January 1810 and fourteen following days (Sundays excepted). The candidates were John Archer Houblon esquire and Montagu Burgoyne esquire. This poll book gives the names of the voters arranged by initial letter of surname division by division. The freeholders’ full names are stated, surname first, residence (often elsewhere), and place where the freehold lay. The right hand column records their votes. The qualification for suffrage in the counties was the possession of a freehold estate worth more than 40s a year. The electoral divisions comprised these hundreds: I. Barstable and Chafford; II. Becontree and Waltham; III. Chelmsford; IV. Hinckford; V. Tendring; VI. Uttleford, Clavering and Dunmow; VII. Harlow, Ongar and Freshwell; VIII. Lexden, Colchester and Witham; IX. Rochford and Thurstable; X. Dengie and Winstree.

1820-1823 – Vagrants in Dorset
The return of persons committed under the Vagrant Laws to the Prisons and Houses of Correction in Dorset includes this list of vagrants committed to the Gaol and House of Correction at Dorchester. Full names are given, with a brief description of the acts of vagrancy, such as wandering abroad, begging, prostitution, abandoning family, idle and disorderly, &c.

1821-1826 – Manumittors of Slaves in Antigua
The Registrar of Slaves in Antigua prepared this return of manumissions effected by purchase, bequest, or otherwise from 1 January 1821 to 31 December 1826 in the island, stating: date of manumission, sex of person manumitted, age (only occasionally given), price paid for the slave’s redemption, at whose expense effected, and amount of fees. In the section covering bequests, the information is limited to date, sex, and at whose expense effected. In most cases the manumittor’s full name is shown.

1829 – Boroughholders of Stockton-upon-Tees
The 1829 second edition of John Brewster’s Parochial History and Antiquities of Stockton-upon-Tees, county Durham, included this appendix (number vii), a list of the boroughholders (burgesses) of the borough. Full names are given: on occasion, where a boroughholder was lately deceased, the formula ‘The heir or devisee of …’ is used.

1837 – Manchester South Union Railway Shareholders
The return of the railway subscription contracts deposited in the Private Bill Office lists the shareholders in the Manchester South Union Railway, subscribers to shares towards the Ł2,000,000 estimated expense of the project. The list gives full name of each subscriber (or surname with initials), address, designation (i. e., occupation), number of shares, and amount.

1912 – Naturalizations
The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization or Readmission to British Nationality had been granted by the Secretary of State under the provisions of 33 Vic. cap. 14 and been registered in the Home Office pursuant to the act during each previous month. These notices, from January to December 1912, refer to naturalizations from December 1911 to November 1912. The lists give full name, surname first; country of origin; date of taking the oath of allegiance; and place of residence. An asterisk indicates that the person was currently serving in a British ship.

1938 – Imperial Service Medal: On Retirement
Awards by king George VI of the Imperial Service Medal to officers of the Home Civil Service on their retirement. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname (in capitals) and christian names, with office or rank in the service. From November 1938 onwards these notices were issued from the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood at St James’s Palace.

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